Saturday, November 10, 2007

D*I*S*N*E*Y*L*A*N*D... part 1

This is the first post of pictures, but I know the gals check the blogs Sunday afternoons :) so I wanted to have something posted for you. Yes, we were the family (everyone sees) that were all dressed alike- festive with a Mickey Mouse on the left corner of our shirts. But we spice it up a bit and color coordinate according to gender. Girls in red, boys in blue (well, Matthew in blue... mainly because I couldn't find his in the same color and right size)

They decorated for Christmas already. They must have known I was coming. I am so lucky to have such a cute family!!! CA Adventure, the next day... coordinating colors, same sweatshirt design.
I have more pictures to post later.
Tired doesn't even begin to describe me right now... but we had such a good time and the memories and pictures are priceless. Kylie went on everything but the Tower of Terror. Kacey's first ride was Dumbo- a family favorite that's for sure.

When you go the an amusement park with my bunch, you GO to the amusement park. Kylie and Matthew go early, like as soon as it opens. Kacey and I stroll in about an hour later... with incessant phone calls from my fabulous husband, "are you coming??? where are you?" Because I'm going to miss something that won't be there after 8:30 am!

Anyway, park hopping yesterday for 10+ hours and I'm beat. Just for clarification, that meant no quick trips back to the hotel... the whole 10+ hours in the parks... and that was day 3.

Word to the wise (lesson learned on our end)... when debating on if you should take the playpen or not... take it. ALWAYS TAKE IT! We decided Kacey would sleep with me, and Kylie would sleep with Daddy... we wouldn't need the playpen. Right? Wrong. Kacey was so out of her element, so overtired, she cried for a grueling 90 minutes (pass off back and forth so our ears could have a rest) until finally falling asleep.

Matthew wanted me to post this, boasting his 650,000 score. That's Kylie's little head popping up on the right, but you can see who was really into it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I've been tagged...

Sheri tagged me! So keeping the spirit of the other girls, here are 6 things you probably don't know about me...

6. I know Sign Language. I took 2 years in high school and another 2 years in college. I can pretty much sign anything I say. When I was in my "prime," it was like English didn't even exist for me and I could just sign without thinking. My dreams started to be in Sign Language then too. Now I'm rusty, but I'm teaching my girls.

5. I have a degree in Economics from BYU. I love business and math, so combine the two and you get Econ. When my time is my own again (meaning my kids are steady in school), I'll go back and get my Master's. I'd like to teach on the college level.

4. I am a miracle baby. My parents were told by numerous doctors that they could not have children. In fact, they moved to the county I grew up in because the adoption time was shorter. Lo and behold, 7 years later... there I was. That's also why I do not have any siblings.

3. I can't fit into my wedding rings. Two babies later, and I've come to the realization that I will never be a size 4 again. Matthew offered to get my wedding rings resized. But (being the difficult one that I am .... my husband just said "amen" to that!) I prefer white gold now to the yellow gold that I had. So recently we went out and he bought me new ones. :)

2. I am a Grey's Anatomy freak! I can't get enough of Greys, I could watch reruns all day. If you don't watch it, START! I feel like the characters are actually real people in my life. I know how crazy it sounds, but that's my one show that I sacrifice anything for. Everyone and everything must be silent so I can watch it, no phone, no talking, no interrupting. I just LOVE IT! Matthew's a closet Grey's freak, he's in denial but he's into it too.

****I have two #1's****

1. Words cannot express how much I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Everyone has a holiday they love, well mine is Christmas... I love the cooking and baking. I love the music. I love the colder weather. I love the feeling that Christmas is coming. My Christmas trees would be up today, if we weren't leaving for Disneyland tomorrow (and my energy has been going to packing us and the van). But within 24 hours of us coming home, my 6 (yes I said 6) my 6 Christmas trees will be up. We already started last night listening to Christmas music through dinner and then throughout the rest of the evening. (I've gotta say too, Matthew was shocked I hadn't put the trees up yesterday.)

1. I have the best looking husband in all the world :)

That's it!