Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Pictures for the New Year!

We went today to get some family pictures taken. This is us right before we left... Kylie's doing better now, fighting off that terrible cough and cold. Poor thing, this has been a rough month for her. Her little nose has been all red, she's got her own box of Puffs Plus. Kacey is over the whole broccoli thing. The past few nights, she has been sleeping so well! Heaven on earth right there! Nothing better than a full night's sleep. Oh, and I swore up and down that I would never dress my girls the same... so much for that! I dress them the same every single chance I get. Every time I'm at the store and I can find the same 5T and 6 months girl clothes, I always buy it! It's just too cute!

So, we should be getting our photos back in about 2 weeks. Then we'll send them out. Kylie was such a monster. First off, the photographer (male) was a little too trendy and feminine. So she didn't like him from the get go. She wouldn't go near the back with the camera, she didn't want to hold Kacey in any pictures. Kacey then decided to get tired and fussy. Matthew and I were just trying to survive. Anyway, all the pictures look great... spent more money than I had planned :) what can you do?! I'll post them when I get them... Also, I just got my hair cut. I look like such a Mom!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas! The girls were up at 7 am, so down we went to see what Santa brought us. Matthew was waiting for Kylie downstairs with the dvd camera. Kylie's first words were "toys" (as she came down the steps) and then "mine" (as she started playing with it). As you can see, Kylie got a new kitchen (Which took Daddy 3 hours to put together last night. It was in about 13,000 pieces.) She got a lot of other presents too, including $$ and books but the kitchen was the big hit. Excuse her hair... the bow's made it through all the extensive playing, ham dinner, and a nap...

It was Kacey's first Christmas! She got lots of clothes, teething rings, $$, and some little toys. She's been really cute in her little "Baby's First Christmas" outfits. (And I do mean plural, we had two of them. She's been a little fussy today though. Poor thing... our tradition is Chinese food on Christmas Eve. (a little wierd, but we love it!) I completely forgot that broccoli doesn't digest well with her, and I ate beef w/ broccoli. My poor baby :)