Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Job

Matthew's first day of his new job (Monday) was AMAZING for me! LOL  He has none of his stuff yet, he'll be getting it from corporate this week.  Little things like a laptop and an Iphone, him not having this stuff meant day #1 of his new job he had nothing to do... so all weekend and Monday was complete freedom.  (You have no idea how much he is tied to his phone!!!)  So Monday we went to the gym, I did my couponing (childless), went to make watches (childless), ran some errands and picked up Kylie (childless)... WOW!  Super productive day!
So his flight left this morning at 6 and he's gone through Thursday night... and boy am I paying for the AMAZING Monday I had.  Kadyn started her fever last night, Kloey followed this afternoon, and would you believe Kacey's got one this evening.  WOW, all 3 on time schedules of Tylenol and we always do nighttime cool compresses.  My girls can spike to 104-105 too quickly.  I'm gearing myself up... it's gonna be a crazy week :)