Saturday, December 8, 2007

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We spent the day up at Mt. Charleston. It's amazing how just a 45 minute drive will have such different weather... I think the car reading was 29 degrees! There was snow everywhere, and Kylie was in heaven. Kacey was a little unsure, especially when Matthew asked a stranger to hold her for a second because Kylie and I couldn't make it up the steps to get on one of the sled paths. The steps had completely frozen over and were literally a slippery 45 degree incline. It was hilarious... I was cracking up, but I could not hold onto Kylie and pull myself and her up. Matthew had to make a few trips to get us (up and then back down)... what I wouldn't do for a picture of that!

Snow Angels! She just started laying down and doing them, we didn't even know she knew how to do it or what they were. Plus, she didn't care how wet her jeans were. We have to get the girls some snow pants.

Look at that beautiful background!

She was bundled up nice and warm... but her cheeks and nose were still bright red.

After all the playing, we went to warm up and have lunch at the Lodge.
This was the absolute best family fun Saturday!!!
I can't wait to go back... (but we need to get a really cool sled first)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

the stockings are hung...

She handmade these stockings, and I just love them!

There's 8 total... she's so sweet for giving them to us. Thank you so much for the package of the other 4, I just got it yesterday. I can't imagine the time and effort... Rosie you are super talented and I'm so glad Bryan married you!!!

(Kylie's also chirping in that she loves her Aunt Rosie)

Look at that detail and fabric coordination... wow! I just hate buying Christmas stockings, because they are only good until the next kid comes along... (me being slightly obsessive compulsive) I want them all to match, and be personalized, and I can never find one to match what we already had, so I end up buying all new ones... Problem Solved. :)