Monday, April 9, 2012

Kylie's Baptism

Kylie was baptized!!!
It was such an amazing day :)  definitely a day Kylie will always remember.  We gave her a special necklace and memory book in the morning, I should have taken pictures of those!  We grabbed a pizza from our usual place, and we started the afternoon ready to go...

 Fabulously yummy, and HUGE cake
 Some pictures of the pretty girl


 Our big group!  Matthew's parents flew out as well as my dad's twin sister, Aunt Chiarina. 
 Our sweet little family, really love this one.
 Another quick one taken at the church after Kylie and Matthew got into their white clothes for the actual baptism.
It really was a special day, we had a huge party at our house afterwards.  So many people came, we had delicious food... people were inside, people were outside... Kylie spilled juice on her white dress (Yaya got it out), Mrs. Tate did an amazing talk on Confirmation and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, there was not a dry eye in the whole room... awesome day not only for Kylie to remember, but for her sisters to look forward to when it's their turn.  I can't believe I have an 8 year old!

Kylie's Birthday!

It's so funny how we can't wait to be older... when we're young.  And when we are old, well I dread each additional year I have to tack onto my age!

Kylie's Birthdays are always a huge big deal, not even just for her... her sisters are just as excited for her birthday as she is!
Her birthday was on a Sunday, so we did a little bit of celebrating on Saturday too... which the girls were all about!  Multiple celebration days :)  We took them to Flip N Out, to jump on the tramps and then we went to Chili's. 

But Sunday is when we actually did her little party at home!
 I made her cake, Kacey helped too... we worked together to make the lavendar frosting- which was a special recipe of frosting which I liked better so it was more fluffy than sugary and heavy. 
 Make a Wish!!!
 AND then comes the presents!  This little beauty, Wii Game Just Dance, has been a household fave!  Matthew can Shake His Groove Thing with the best of them... the girls play it constantly... great exercise!
 Now that's a FUN face :)
 And for the finale!  Her very own basketball hoop, adjustable as she grows...

 Matthew and I always sneak into the birthday girl's bedroom to do fun decorations when they wake up... in fact, Kylie mentioned it 3 or 4 times specifically so we wouldn't forget... not that we would!  The picture's a little rough and it's only a small glimpse into the room, but it was dark in there so it's the best we could do in fear she'd wake up and spoil it early :)