Monday, April 9, 2012

Kylie's Birthday!

It's so funny how we can't wait to be older... when we're young.  And when we are old, well I dread each additional year I have to tack onto my age!

Kylie's Birthdays are always a huge big deal, not even just for her... her sisters are just as excited for her birthday as she is!
Her birthday was on a Sunday, so we did a little bit of celebrating on Saturday too... which the girls were all about!  Multiple celebration days :)  We took them to Flip N Out, to jump on the tramps and then we went to Chili's. 

But Sunday is when we actually did her little party at home!
 I made her cake, Kacey helped too... we worked together to make the lavendar frosting- which was a special recipe of frosting which I liked better so it was more fluffy than sugary and heavy. 
 Make a Wish!!!
 AND then comes the presents!  This little beauty, Wii Game Just Dance, has been a household fave!  Matthew can Shake His Groove Thing with the best of them... the girls play it constantly... great exercise!
 Now that's a FUN face :)
 And for the finale!  Her very own basketball hoop, adjustable as she grows...

 Matthew and I always sneak into the birthday girl's bedroom to do fun decorations when they wake up... in fact, Kylie mentioned it 3 or 4 times specifically so we wouldn't forget... not that we would!  The picture's a little rough and it's only a small glimpse into the room, but it was dark in there so it's the best we could do in fear she'd wake up and spoil it early :)

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