Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kylie and Riley, All Smiley

We had Riley Mecham come over yesterday to play with us!
We made sugar cookies...They were so cute together!It was really sweet to watch- they took turns and shared the cookie cutters. Riley even took off her necklace to let Kylie wear it for a little while.

Riley... Kylie can't wait until you come back over to play again!!! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Preschool Christmas Show

Kylie's Preschool put on a little Christmas program for the parents today. It was so adorable. The kids all sang the Christmas songs they'd been learning.

I walked in with Kacey, and Kylie's casual... "Hi Mommy." You know, all the Mommies were walking in. Matthew was about 4 minutes behind me, he comes in the door. "HHHHHHHHIIIIIII DADDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Daddy's here, that's my Daddy."
You can tell who rates.

They even had props (seriously, how awesome is Tate?!). They had jingle bells, a Santa hat, and a Rudolph nose that lit up!
So, publicly I apologize to Kylie. We had a bad morning, she was insistent on wearing her Christmas dress today. I wouldn't let her, they were going to have their Christmas Party and I just knew she'd spill or do something to ruin it... I know, I'm a bad mom. Kylie refused to let the issue go. An hour later (mind you, she was up at 6 am... so slightly cranky), she's downstairs on the couch in tears... Matthew's trying to bribe her to get back upstairs to brush her teeth and do her hair... I think we settled on 5 chocolate pieces so she'd wear what I picked out. (I know how terrible this sounds) so all in all really rough morning. Then I get to Preschool, and Riley is wearing a Christmas dress. So instantly, I walk in and I feel badly. Maybe they both talked about wearing a dress, maybe someone said they were going to dress up or look extra nice, who knows. But I realized she had her heart set on a dress prior to this morning... and all I saw was this morning's tantrum and I wouldn't budge. And honestly, if she ruined the dress... it's not like she doesn't have a few others. SO, I feel terrible :(

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Morning

Pretty girls before leaving for church... I love how they love eachother. They totally suit eachother in their roles too. Kacey looks to Kylie for guidance and help and Kylie offers Kacey that loving "I'll take care of you" sisterly support. Don't get me wrong, they can make eachother mad... but it's never for long. Maybe here I could say that I love being a mommy to 2 little girls because I'm shaping little mothers to essentially change the world... but I'm gonna say that I love being mommy to 2 little girls because I find humor in watching my husband suffer for his sanity as he tries to survive in a house full of females.