Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Preschool Christmas Show

Kylie's Preschool put on a little Christmas program for the parents today. It was so adorable. The kids all sang the Christmas songs they'd been learning.

I walked in with Kacey, and Kylie's casual... "Hi Mommy." You know, all the Mommies were walking in. Matthew was about 4 minutes behind me, he comes in the door. "HHHHHHHHIIIIIII DADDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Daddy's here, that's my Daddy."
You can tell who rates.

They even had props (seriously, how awesome is Tate?!). They had jingle bells, a Santa hat, and a Rudolph nose that lit up!
So, publicly I apologize to Kylie. We had a bad morning, she was insistent on wearing her Christmas dress today. I wouldn't let her, they were going to have their Christmas Party and I just knew she'd spill or do something to ruin it... I know, I'm a bad mom. Kylie refused to let the issue go. An hour later (mind you, she was up at 6 am... so slightly cranky), she's downstairs on the couch in tears... Matthew's trying to bribe her to get back upstairs to brush her teeth and do her hair... I think we settled on 5 chocolate pieces so she'd wear what I picked out. (I know how terrible this sounds) so all in all really rough morning. Then I get to Preschool, and Riley is wearing a Christmas dress. So instantly, I walk in and I feel badly. Maybe they both talked about wearing a dress, maybe someone said they were going to dress up or look extra nice, who knows. But I realized she had her heart set on a dress prior to this morning... and all I saw was this morning's tantrum and I wouldn't budge. And honestly, if she ruined the dress... it's not like she doesn't have a few others. SO, I feel terrible :(


Missy said...

Ok, that is hilarious! Riley really wanted to wear a dress today and I wanted her to wear a different one but that was the one we settled on. Since it was an old one I didn't mind too much if it got messy. But the same thought crossed my mind. You have me laughing though!

The High Family- said...

I love those kind of days. When the only thing that works is bribery. I probably use it way to often. I guess we just have to pick our battles! Kylie looks adorable in her program.

dadTB said...

Whenever I meet someone who is having a child, all I can think of is the old phrase... "...and let the games begin!" :-)

Being a parent is definitely not the easiest task in the world and we are not always going to be the most popular person in the eyes of our children on certain days. However, no matter what they may say or do, they will always love us as their parents.

There was no way you would have known that Riley was going to wear a dress unless you were a mind reader... some days your kids will think that you truly are one! LOL By the way, it's okay to let them think that to keep them on their toes.

The kids looked really cute in their Christmas outfits at preschool. The hats and noses are precious as are the children wearing them.

Happy Holidays... 5 days and counting down.

We received a very nice "goodie" package today. Thank you very much. We will savor every bite!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tome