Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Photos

We got photos done of the girls today...

There were ducks... the girls were scared to death.  We'd get them seated and a duck (or 50) would come over, start making noises... Kacey would go running and screaming.  (Besides that it interrupted alot of our picture taking, it was funny.)

Yes, we're a walking Gymboree ad.

Oh, and we just got her ears pierced a few days ago.

Mainly, good times were had by all.  But we did have a meltdown.  I love Kadyn's face here.  Right after this picture, Kylie walked off, she's like "I'm done, I'll be in the car."  Attitude already!

This one's my favorite: Kadyn blowing her nose.  I love this sweet child!!!!


thepainterfamily said...

what cute pics, I love the girls outfits!

And I can so relate to picture time drama! I love that Kacey said she's be in the car!! what a crack up!

mae said...

Cute pictures of very cute girls!!

The Foulgers said...

We just had fall pictures taken as well. It's hard getting everyone to be happy!:) It looks like they turned out great!

jenjamin said...

What beautiful girls! Just a darling family!