Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kacey's Preschool Christmas Program

Kacey's Preschool class put on an adorable program about the symbols of Christmas.  Year after year, I'm continually impressed with the effort Mrs. Tate goes through for the learning and progression of her preschool kids.  The love and dedication she has to them is amazing, and it shows.  Tate goes above and beyond, and she's more than just a teacher to my girls.  I'm so grateful for all she has done for my girls who have gone to her year after year-- let's see how many more years I can talk her into doing it so I can send Kadyn too--- (more to come on  Kylie... later)... Now, it's Kacey's time to shine...

My sweet little thing :)

Kacey's symbol was the wreath, here she is putting it on the tree.

And she recited, with Mrs. Tate's help: "Eternal love, no beginning, no end.  Love never ends."

Kacey's Gingerbread House that she made during her Christmas party at school.  Within moments of this photo, Kylie and Kacey had both devoured it.... licked it to shreds until it was unrecognizeable.