Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

(instead of 5, I'll do 3 long ones... because they all pretty much run together)
1. Our most recent blessing- our beautiful Kadyn! She is the sweetest, calmest, softest little love bug ever! She is such a good baby, I just love her so much!!! She smells SOOO good, she's so tiny.... we had her 3 day check-up yesterday and she's 5 lbs & 12 oz.

2. Matthew! He's been home from work, which has been an enormous help. He's been there to give the girls the extra love they need so no one feels left out or even jealous these first few days with the dynamics of our family changing. He's taken the big girls out for fun activities, going out to lunch, doing one-on-ones with the girls... notice picture...
This is at Star Nursery, Kylie's at Preschool... Kacey and Daddy had just came from breakfast... he took this with his phone, I love it!
The things you have to do when you're the only man in the house. Kylie is doing his hair, combing and using pretend shampoo to rub his head. What a manly man! (I can't wait until she figures out that he has nails that can be painted too!)
3.The extra happiness that just bounces off the walls with a newborn baby in the house. Every yawn, every little glance from Kadyn just excites our whole family. Kylie and Kacey aren't the least bit jealous- I was concerned with Kacey since she's been the baby for a while- but they are so loving and you can just feel that when you see all 3 of them together.


jamieBEE said...


Baker Bunch said...

How sweet!

BTW I just finished The Host. It was a bit hard to get into (thats why it has taken me so long)but, well worth it in the end! Thanks! I will get it back to you tonight!

Mikki said...

I smiled through your entire post. She is just SO GORGEOUS!!!
COngratulations again. So sweet, I'm glad hubby's home all week to help make things a bit easier.

jenjamin said...

Oh that is so perfect. Those are great things to be thankful for. Congratulations on the baby! She is beautiful!

Missy said...

You sound like you're doing wonderful! I was just thinking about you guys. Are feeling well? I just can't believe how tiny she is. Chloe was 5 12, it's like holding a little doll! If you need anything please call me! (Did you read the book?)

Nicole said...

Oh she is just so sweet! That's awesome your hubby is home to help out with the older girls. You guys have such a cute little family.

The Foulgers said...

I am loving that you are having so much fun with your precious baby! Take advantage of the time Matt is home to help!

thepainterfamily said...

what a great post! Nicole...she is so so so adorable! what a sweet little bundle!

The High Family- said...

Sounds like things are falling perfectly into place. That is wonderful that your girls love their little sister so much. My boys are the same, but sometimes they love Carter a little too much!

dadTB said...

Sounds like daddy is being a tremendous help around the home with the girls and the babe. Great job, Matt. We are proud of you!

Nicole, the baby is gorgeous. What can we say, but she looks rather content... at least in the pictures.

I bet Kacey and Kylie are just eating all this up. They look extremely happy and content with their new sister in the home.

You are all in our prayers!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom