Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

I love how Kadyn's holding onto Matthew's ear.
The most random things happen in our Sunday Afternoon Picture Collection!!!
The girlies. I know, I should've worn pink.
I don't do black for my girls. I don't think they own one thing, top or bottom or dress that's black.

Kacey doing a curtsy.... random. (?)

Kadyn loves to clap... she's even starting to stand all on her own. That is until she realizes that she's doing it, then she falls :)


thepainterfamily said...

gosh...kayden just looks like a doll! SUch a sweet sweet little face! :)

jenjamin said...

too cute.. what a fun book of pictures you will have of all these Sunday photos, and what an agreeable husband you have! I am really impressed. Those girls are so cute!

Mikki said...

I love black and pink together!!

Love the randome shots. So cute.

Hey, btw, they didn't call me into nursery this past week, so you didn't actually miss it. It was last week or the week before, I forget which. I just now got around to blogging about it.
Also, I love the organizational homework stations you created. Very clever!!!

Kaylan said...

I love the organization charts for the wall and for the girls! I might have to try that with Haley! I hope school goes better for Kylie :( It's still new to her but she will find her nitch soon and will be sad to leave her kindergarten teacher. Love the outfits for Sunday!

The Foulgers said...

I think pink is so pretty on your girls. It's super hard to find black clothes for kids anyway. We are getting ready to take our family pictures, and I thought it would look chic if we were all in black. I can't find black clothes for my kids anywhere. I think I'm going to have to pick a new color.