Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New School Year Organization

My little projects that have been in the works now for a bit, are all finished!
With Kylie in Kindergarten (which by the way Day 2, not as successful... she doesn't like Big School, she likes Little School -aka Preschool- and she wants Ms. Tate back... Good times, tomorrow morning should be fun!), So with Kylie in Kindergarten and Kacey in Preschool, they both will have homework. I got this idea out of a Parents Magazine to make a "Homework Station" with a tripod board and decorate it with all their school supplies. It also separates them, so their homework time will be productive. Kylie goes, "Mom, this is totally awesome!"

Too bad I can't spray it or something to keep it neat and new looking forever, I can only imagine how "loved" it's going to look. But I can't complain, it was super cheap due to my alter ego, The Finance Lady. :)


Next item for organization, life in general. Hmm, responsibilities keep loading on. So I bought this, and Matthew diligently put it together after a long day's work and evening 4 hour class. My anticipation was crazy when it came UPS yesterday afternoon. The boxes were huge and I opened everything up, Matthew knew I'd bother him until he put it up!!! He did a great job getting it all level. Props to Pottery Barn because they make it all even numbered and easy to work out the measurements-- it's not funky like a lot of things I've made him hang before.

Close Up

*It's not crooked, the photographer is. It's like 10:45 pm at this point... me being up since 6 am.


Shanna and Regan said...

That's a really cute idea for homework!

Missy said...

very nice! Riley wants a homework station now too!

The Foulgers said...

I LOVE that idea! Everything is right where you need it. At homework time, I always feel like I'm hunting through the house looking for a gluestick!:)

thepainterfamily said...

What a great idea! I just love their homework stations...seriously so cute! And good motivation to get it done :)

And the pottery barn system...oh be still my heart! So pretty and I am sure just as helpful as well!

I want to see an update in a few weeks when it is filled with all your fun family activities! cute!

Kata said...

love the hw station- I was totally going to do it, before I saw your blog.... from family fun... anyhoo- I saw yours- and now I am a little intimidated, I certainly wasn't going to go all out. I need your help in the execution.