Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Sweet Little Kacey

So we had a fun night last night, some friends came over and the girls were able to play their little hearts out. It got late, we did baths... and (long story short) she ended up hurting her arm (yes, the same arm) really, really bad. She wouldn't stop crying. She was holding her arm and wouldn't let it go... wouldn't let me go near it. So, I'm freaking out. Called my mom who heard Kacey's blood curdling screams and said, yeah ER now. Called my husband (who was in a movie with a friend- Dark Knight, in IMAX one day and one day only!) who had to leave the movie early and drag poor Steve with him since Matthew drove.

So after an hour of her horror movie type screaming, crocodile tears, nearly hyperventilating, the whole 9 yards. She decides she's all better. You don't understand, it's 9 pm, I'm offering her lollipops, coke, cookies, anything to get her to just calm down- nothing worked. Matthew and my mom come over... she's fine. Completely over it.

Matthew's thinks it was psychological, fear setting in from the last time. I don't know what it was, I'm so happy we don't have to do all that again. But I just don't understand (?) there's no way, NO WAY she was faking it, she was in severe pain and then it all vanished. (?)


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Goodness I am glad she is okay! Sounds like it was a rough one for a while! At least she is still adorable!

The Foulgers said...

Wow, poor little thing! I feel bad that you were worried and Matt had to leave the movie early! I'm glad that she is alright!

Missy said...

Oh my gosh, that is crazy! Maybe it was one of those that just hurt so bad at first. You know those ones we have where you curse under your breath. I'm glad you didn't have to go to the ER.

Shanna and Regan said...

Kids, what would we do without them? I always debate on whether to take the kids to the doctor or not...and usually when I finally decide to, nothing is wrong with them!

dadTB said...

Kids certainly do make our lives exciting... now don't they?

We have a 9th grade boy at basketball who has broken his left wrist three times in the past. Well, about two weeks ago, he hit the floor hard and laid there like he was going to just die. After a few minutes of rolling and grabbing his wrist, he finally got up and we walked him to a chair along the sideline. The manager went of ice and we called his dad to come and get him.

He was in tears for quite sometime.

To make a long story short, he's okay!

Matt may be on to something about Kacey's response. Maybe she really did hurt her arm, but that initial shock of pain may have sent her over the edge and even at her young age, memories flooded her and they overwhelmed and frightened her.

Thank God we can't truly remember pain, but we can remember all that went on during the horrible experiences we've had. Our brains function in strange and wonderful ways. We have a strong urge to survive and avoid painful situations.

Kacey's response, although powerful and lasting, may truly have been extended by the pain she experienced and the memories that often come along with it.

Thank goodness she is feeling better... Poor little thing. Give her a hug from all of us here in Pa. and let her know that "It's alright!"

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Adam and Samantha said...

that's sad but funny...adam