Sunday, May 3, 2009


*Quick Week's Highlights*

-Soccer Game yesterday... we WON! Kylie even scored a goal yesterday, WAHOO! (yes, she got $5)

- Yesterday, we used the pool for the first time! Matthew's already sunburnt (not kidding). I just can't wait for my babies to be tan again, I love that.

-Kacey developed a fever out of the blue. She's got no symptoms at all, other than being really hot. Needless to say, no church for her.

-Matthew's already left for a business trip in Boca Raton all week. He was just gone 2 weeks ago, for an entire week. This stinks, but Kylie's excited because when he's gone I let her sleep in my bed.

-With all that said, no Sunday afternoon pictures which is a shame because I had cute outfits picked out... :)


The Foulgers said...

Good luck this week single momma! I hope Kasey is alright and doesn't have the swine flu!
I'm super jealous you are able to swim in your pool. We'll have one someday, I hope.

Sheri said...

Some how I totally missed her goal. I thought Melvin only scored a goal. Sorry about Kasey being sick, that stinks.

the boyd family said...

yeah, it was 2-1... kylie did the first goal, melvin the second.

dadTB said...

Cute pictures, girls. We like the bow in Kacey's hair and the polka dots on Kayden's dress.

Kylie's turning into such a master photographer and at such a young age, too. Great picture, Kylie.

Now, Matt... Have you already forgotten about humidity? :-) It was 97% humidity today when we walked out the front door here in Willow Street, Pa. We later had... get this... more rain and thunderstorms (I was in Md. fishing)!!! There has been flash flood warnings for our local creeks and streams over the past three days... yes, three days.

Fronts have stalled just below us and the whole region is getting hammered with rain from the moisture sucked up from the Gulf.

We miss you in Pennsylvania... Can't wait until you all come back east for a visit this summer. Oh yea, bring some dry air with you! LOL

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

p.s. I haven't seen you on my blog recently and there's a ton of pictures and stuff there.