Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So a little more positive than my last post.....

I really loved Elder Ballard's talk, during the Sunday afternoon session. I just really felt motivated and happy after listening to it. So one of his great pieces of advice to all mothers was to cherish the moments and not dwell or be bogged down with the day-to-day, endless tasks that come with motherhood. SO, I'm learning to cherish the moments and find the positive. Here are some of my examples so far this week.

1. Instead of dwelling on the fact that my munchkins were trailing pretzel crumbs all over my freshly cleaned floors, I relished in the moment that Kylie went into the pantry and got 4 long pretzels, graciously sharing 2 with her sister without being asked.

2. Instead of rolling my eyes as I see shoes, socks, and hairbows strewn all over my entry way and up my stairs, I'm enjoying the moment that Kylie has Kacey sit on the step and Kylie will take off Kacey's shoes for her when we come home from our errands.

Okay, these are just cute moments of the past few days.

1. I said to Kacey that she was pretty and she responded, "I know." :)

2. Kylie was laying with me in bed and she pointed on my face to my "beauty marks" and goes, "Mommy, you have polka dots!"

3. Kacey's learned to say, "What's Up!" It's so cute.

4. Here is a video clip from today after dinner. Kylie's working on her preschool homework, and Kacey is having some dried bananas for dessert. (Kacey says, "ME!" but it's hard to hear because she turns her head)


the meyer fam said...

so cute and I loved that talk too!!! It really put a lot of things into perspective for me.

Mikki said...

I didn't get to hear the talk, I had to work--but I really wish I had because that sort of thing has been on my mind a lot lately. I get so caught up in my wreck of a house most days and just being so dissatisfied with it, that I forget to stop and cherish the moments.
You're girls are so sweet and cute. Kids say the cutest things!

thepainterfamily said...

really really a great talk! and I just loved those "moments" you shared! cute girls...great life!