Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. I LOVE being able to sleep on my stomach again! ahhhh...

2. Having a washer and dryer... not that I've been w/o one, but ever think how easy that makes our lives??? Not having to wash everything by hand and then dry it outside.

3. I am super grateful that I'm not left to my own intelligence for certain things. I mean I consider myself an intelligent person, but I couldn't have invented the wheel much less anything more creative. Example: Solar panels to heat pool water from 68 degrees (FREEZING!) to 92 in 2.5 days. As cool as that seems and as intelligent as I think I am, I could have never invented that.

4. A compliment I got yesterday. A middle-aged man came up to me (I'd expect it from a woman or a mom, but a man really struck me as interesting) he came up to me and complimented me on how well-behaved my girls were. (HA, I'm thinking: "You should see them at home!!!") I graciously accepted the compliment and felt good about my Mommy skills.

5. This just made me happy... I have these 2 cute blue gingham dresses for Kacey and Kylie that they've never worn, they were going to wear them last Sunday. I put it on Kylie, it fit but it was way too short.... constant problem for her so we took it off and they wore something else. I was out shopping this week and I found a larger size for Kylie... so now I have them for Kylie, Kacey and Kadyn... the best part, it was clearanced to $2.40 and I had 20% off on top of that. SWEET!


Mikki said...

Sweet Deal!!! Gotta' love that.
You are so right on about the washer an dryer. I can't imagine washing everyting by hand. I have to do one or two things once in a while, and I would just as soon not ever wear it again, than have to wash it by hand. ugh!

thepainterfamily said...

so sweet...I tell ya, I love this thursday feature! And though I've never even MET your girlies personally, I can just TELL they are well behaved and have good manners!? Is that weird!? its true though...must be the good parents! :)

Shurtliff Family said...

So I totally hear ya about the washer and dryer thing...of course I DID have to live without one and with nowhere to do my laundry for over a week (thank goodness for my parents getting power at their house before us!). Drew has a tendency to wet his bed at night (even with a night diaper on) so I was quickly gaining a pile of pee-pee smelling clothing and linens and finally had to break down and start washing them by hand and hanging them all over my lawn furniture outside to dry. Not fun, plus it looked so tacky!

dadTB said...

Nice... There is nothing nicer than a compliment from a complete stranger about the behavior of your children in public. Good job!

I can remember as my children aged, we would be in a restaurant where another child was acting out. Our sons would get upset and wondered why they were allowed to be acting that way... Imagine that!

We closed our pool on September 26th. It has been pretty darn cold around here in the evenings... 41 degrees the other night.

Last year was the first time we didn't use all the propane... a big mistake. We actually lease the two tanks and pay full price whether they are emptied or not. So, we decided to use up the entire propane supply this year... The pool was toasty warm!

Matt and the girls look like they are having a ton of fun. Little Kacey and Kylie look like they really take to the water like fish.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom