Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kadyn turns 3!

On September 14th, Kadyn turned 3!
It was a little bit of an off day.  This is Matthew's busy time for traveling.  Plus side, we are racking up the hotel rewards.  But he's in and out of state alot.  He actually had to miss Kadyn's birthday.  Let's be honest, is she going to remember?  Nope.  Are we grateful he has a job, that he loves nonetheless, in this type of economy? Yes.  As you can see, she had a nice birthday.  (love Kloey's face in the background)

And you can see the difference in pictures when Matthew takes them (kacey's birthday) and when I take them (kadyn's birthday).  He's much more camera crazy than I am.  So here are 2 pictures! :)

 As the day continued, Kadyn went downhill.  She started the 2 week fiasco of sickness... which coincided in the 2 week fiasco of Matthew's traveling from NC to FL to NV (basically for me to do laundry) and to end with 6 days in CA.
 The day before her birthday started with an unexplainable fever.  The evening of her birthday began the cough.  The night of her birthday began the barking.  I was in the shower at about 9 pm, and I hear what I thought was Maggie.  And I was thinking, "why on earth is Maggie barking?"  Then I realized that it wasn't Maggie.  It was Kadyn.  So we started our naps in the shower.  Every hour, she woke up crying and coughing.  And off we went to lay on the floor in the shower.  Needless to say, I knew I wasn't getting Croup from all my moist air breathing.  Then the next day, Kylie had a temperature and got sick.  Then the next day was my scheduled "well-child" checkups, go figure.  He gave me a bunch of meds for the girls, in case... Kylie got better.  Kadyn was still fighting it off days later.  She slept with me, I did round the clock meds and cool compresses.  Meanwhile, exhausted didn't even explain how I felt.  Remember, Matthew's out of town.  Then I got sick, my throat was on fire.  My tongue was weird, I'll leave it at that.  I couldn't eat or drink soda.  And I get cranky when I don't get my cherry coke zero.  Matthew actually came home for a bit, and we went to Chili's to celebrate Kadyn's birthday.  She fell asleep in the fetal position next to me, on the bench, before our appetizer even came out.  That's how misable she was. :(
Now Kloey has it.  However, I think she's teething... no cough.  Just cries when her hands are in her mouth.  She's not too hungry, and she has a low grade temp.  Oh the rollercoasters of Mommyhood.

Cabo is 1 month away... ready for a countdown?  YES!

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