Sunday, August 17, 2008

Look at those EYES!

Well, so my girls got my skin... BUT they certainly have their Daddy's blue eyes! I didn't even know about these pictures, I guess they were playing "photo shoot." I just found them while I was trying to upload the Sunday pictures to the computer.


Now for the Sunday morning pictures... the girls have a thing for pocketbooks (I guess people here call them purses, I always called them pocketbooks... either way, big fetish in our house)

Yes 4 weeks left and counting... get this girl out of me!


Mikki said...

gorgeous pictures!! Those girls are sooooo pretty. What beautiful eyes they have too.
You look fantastic. Four weeks, hopefully they won't drag for you.
Thanks for your help in RS today!!

anna banana said...

Kylie's eyes are like an exact replica!

Ashley said...

hi sister won my giveaway! woo hoo!congrats!bye!

Ashley said...

hi sister won my blog giveaway!congrats!

Missy said...

They all have such pretty eyes! Darren and I have very similar eyes and none of the kids got them.
You do look so good! Hope the last few weeks go quickly.

thepainterfamily said...

those pictures are a GREAT surprise! beautiful eyes! :) and I was just thinking about how you will only have a few more "sunday" pics as a family of 4!!! HOW EXCITING! :) yeah!

dadTB said...

Ahhh... Those beautiful blue lookers. Grand-Pop Boyd also has those blue-blue eyes.

Boy, you can certainly tell that Matt has his dad's forehead, too.

The Sunday Photos will be so neat looking at in a few years. You'll be able to see the girls growing and maturing over time through picture... Cool Deal!

One month and counting... Practice those breathing cadences... Sch... Sch... Sch... :-)

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom