Friday, October 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

... on Friday, but whatever.
I LOVE going into my girls' bedrooms at like 9:30 at night, they're all fast asleep. It's amazing, I look at each one and think: "where has the time gone?!" And "how on earth did you get sooo big!"
I was looking at Kylie last night while she slept, my goodness, I blinked and she went from Kadyn's size to this huge nearly 6 year old. She'll be taller than me by 5th grade. I just know it! And Kacey, wow. She looks the way I think Kylie should be- size wise, age wise. I feel like I'm 3 years behind and life should be 3 years earlier... no way everyone's this old and this big. And somewhere in my mind, I'm still shocked that I have a 3rd (baby girl nonetheless, how blessed am I?). I think I should still be pregnant with Kadyn, but nope... a year has passed since I had her!!! WOW, reality check Nicole :)
But I love going into each of their bedrooms and watching them sleep peacefully. They're sweet little cheeks and mouth, so precious. I'm always astounded though at how big they may be, but how Kylie and Kacey still look like they were when they were little babies as they sleep. That I'll never understand. And every night, I vow tomorrow to be more patient with each one and be a better mom, to be less worried about what doesn't matter... because before I know it, they'll be in college. And let's face it, that's gonna be a bad day. Survived the first day of school, but the hits keep coming.... and college seems far away, but after these 5.5 years I know it's right around the corner.


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

That was such a cute entry Nicole! They are so blessed to have you as a mother and are going to love to hear what you write about them later on. Thank you for being an example to all mothers out there!

The Foulgers said...

It really does go WAY to fast. I mean, I have a kid thats 10, an entire decade! I guess we just need to enjoy every precious moment we can.

Sheri said...

Amen to that. I wish there was a special pill you could give them to keep them little forever. One of me favorite songs is,"Let them be little". It makes me sad everytime I hear it. We truley are blessed!

dadTB said...

They certainly do grow quickly. Embrace the moments of each and every day.

There are times I wish could return in time. I often close my eyes and go back to days that are long gone... for example, the births of each of my children. It seems like yesterday when I carried Christopher off the plane in Philly in August of 1984 after a whole day of travel that started in Costa Rica, traveled to Miami, Atlanta, and finally... Philly and eventually home sweet home! I still see the "Welcome Home Christopher and Daddy" sign that hung on the front porch of our first home in the city.

Very nice post... Thank you for helping me recall!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Mikki said...

I've got that song by ABBA going through my head now. Makes me want to cry. It really does just go by way, way too fast.
I make the same little vow/prayer every night, and each day I fail all over again. LOL
Sweet, sweet post!

jenjamin said...

I am glad you do these too! Thanks for sharing gratitude! Love your finance blog too. I have always been a lover a math and numbers and I am sure there are lots of good suggestions there and plan to visit it often.