Monday, February 18, 2008

Girl or Boy... Cast your vote!

*** If you voted yesterday (2-19) or early today (2-20), I screwed up my poll and had to redo it. So I lost 6 votes... if I lost yours, vote again please... sorry!!! ***

What do you think we will have? There's a poll to your right... cast your vote! Matthew's "happy with a boy or a girl, as long as it's healthy..." blah blah but let's face it, he'd be thrilled with a boy. I want another girl, 3 girls sound like heaven to me. This baby is due 2 weeks after Kacey's birthday, all her clothes would be perfect for baby #3. Then Kacey would be in Kylie's clothes, new baby in Kacey's clothes, and I still have 2 girls matching (which puts ALOT of clothes to good use). My theory is: the only thing better than having 2 girls, is having 3!

So cast your vote- We're finding out in 2 weeks, which I know is super early... but if you know me (I mean really know me... Heather Pope, I know you are cracking up right now) I am an impatient person to say the least! And if it is a boy, I need the extra shopping time. The nursery right now is Maggie's bedroom (our dog) so that needs to be overhauled big time. If it's a girl, I need to time to buy clothes in 3's.

Back to us finding out in 2 weeks. It's not a routine thing, your doctor has probably never mentioned it to you. It's not a precautionary thing, nothing's wrong with the baby. Matthew and I are choosing to take an elective blood test (elective meaning not covered by insurance). It's slightly contraversial because it's so accurate and people can find out the gender so early in the pregnancy, that unfortunately if they don't like the gender, they are still within the time frame to terminate the pregnancy- gender selection. It's such a horrible/disgusting thing, I can't even wrap my brain around that one and which is why doctors typically don't mention it. Obviously, we are doing it for the true intent of the testing... (I) we are incredibily impatient people, and the wait is unbearable! I just want to know, and I want to know now!!!!

The Science Behind It (I know you all are curious, and instead of answering you all in separate emails or on the phone)- In a natural process, fetal cells die and pass into the mother’s bloodstream. As these cells break down, fetal DNA is released into the mother’s own circulatory system. With the proper testing, the lab searches for the Y chromosome in 3 samples of the mother's blood. One sample is enough, but they test 3 times to verify it. If they find the Y chromosome, which apparently is very prevelant throughout the mother's blood, you guessed it... it's a boy. If not, it's a girl. It's 95% accurate... guaranteed to be right or money back with proof of birth certificate, and more accurate than the ultrasound done at 5 months.

SO WHAT THE HECK!!! We're doing it Monday, and it'll take a week to get the results. Take a guess at what the baby is... scroll back up and do the poll on the right.


Missy said...

Nicole you are cracking me up!! I think it's gonna be a boy! SORRY! I just think it would be fun for us both to have boys, and then we could go shopping together! Did you do this test with your girls? How did you hear about it, I never have?

the boyd family said...

i didn't do this test with the girls, because i didn't know about it. i found it in a pregnancy magazine at the dr's office.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out!
haha! I was laughing bc I knew you weren't going to be able to wait
and if there's a will there's Nicole!! :) I'm pumped for you. I voted you'd have another girl but I kind of think it will be a boy. I don't know why.

Kaylan said...

Nicole! I laughed out loud when you said you were going to find out the sex through a blood test! You are so hysterical but I love you for it! I don't know any other person who is as much of a planner as you to want to know that BADLY if you are having a boy or girl! I am wondering if you are feeling the same as your other pregnancies? If so, then I would think you are having another girl. If not, then it's gonna be a boy. I voted girl b/c we had the discussion about it being a girl already :) I can't wait for the results!

the boyd family said...

kaylan, totally the same pregnancy as the girls. sick as a dog, i try to spend every waking minute in bed (although i can't except on weekends)... same thing :)

Sheri said...

And I thought I was not patient.You are too funny.Little boys are great,not that I don't love my girls also. Mason is so gentle and sweet with me.He definantely has a soft spot in my heart, Mama's boy! I do think it is a boy!

thepainterfamily said...

oh boy! that sounds like fun! I am voting boy!! I had no idea you could find out so soon! awesome!