Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Morning

I'd like to say that I have it together on Sunday morning with church now at 11 am rather than 9 am. But I really don't! I get lulled into the idea that "I have time" and before I know it, it's 10:45 am... and I'm thinking that the girls will be a cranky mess by the time we get home from church so any hope for pictures must be NOW!
Big day for Kylie... she said the opening prayer in Primary. She was so excited to get to use the microphone. So they started with song. Then announced that they'd sing one more song, and Kylie Boyd would give the opening prayer. So she stands up and walks over to the microphone. And the leaders, quietly said not yet after the song. You could see the confusion on her face, like... but I'm doing the prayer and we just sang a song so it's my turn. Matthew went over and whispered in her ear that she was to go up after the next song. So, when it was over she walked up like such a big girl... Daddy helped whispering in her ear. Apparently, he said "In the name of Jesus Christ" (for her to repeat... because she knows how to end the prayers, she does it all the time) and she skipped it and yelled, "AMEN." And she sat down with a proud smile on her face. So cute, I wish I could have video taped it :)


This one is fun, from Disneyland 2 weeks ago- lesson learned on my part. Kacey is way too young for a big lollipop like that... ugh, it was a sticky mess afterwards. The next day we were in another Disney shop, Matthew goes, "you wanna get them another lollipop?" I'm like "are you crazy, they made a sticky/nasty mess!!!" I got some chuckles from the other moms nearby. I've become that mother I guess, but I did not have the energy.


the meyer fam said...

Good job Kylie on the prayer!!! And I totally understand about the sticky sucker thing!! They do make such a mess, but they are so good!! :)

Missy said...

YAY Kylie! We don't buy our suckers till on our way out of the park and then they have to wait till we get home! Don't feel bad I'm that kind of mother x 2. Kacey was way cute in nursery, all of the kids love Darren. She will be a pro in 2 weeks I bet!

Jana said...

You forgot to mention that she knows EVERY word to all the verses of I am a Child of God! So cute!

Nicole Manuele said...

That is so cute about Kylie saying the prayer! I like your blog header, it looks good.

Sheri said...

I am glad to know I am not alone in my insanity. All weekend I kept telling the kids not to get dirty. Hello,we were in the desert camping at the races, duh!They barely got through the door before I had them in the bath.