Friday, November 14, 2008

*Weekly Round-Up*

1. Contrary to what Stephenie Meyer has convinced us, I don't want to be a vampire. I was holding Kacey and somehow, for some reason, she decided to bite me. AND it hurt!!! Big time. She bit me right on the inside, soft part of my arm, down near my elbow. I screamed, Matthew and Kylie came running. Kacey started crying from my loud scream. It bled and it hurt. I bet she won't do that again.

2. A source of contention in our house is our nightly jammie contest, seriously how this ended up being such a big thing I don't know. A few nights ago Kylie won (although still dripping wet, but her jammies were on so she won). Well, Matthew would not say she won- would not give her the satisfaction. He kept saying "no you didn't, you lost." And she was getting really upset. The two of them kept going back and forth. Kylie was as sour as can be. Finally I jumped in and told Matthew to tell the truth, she won fair and square. So he said, "Kylie you won." You should have seen her content little face, it was like night and day, completely bipolar. Super funny.

3. Success with the big girl's bed for Kacey, even naptime is good. She goes right down, it's really wonderful. With Kylie, we lost naptime when she transitioned into a big girl's bed. During Kacey's naptime, Kylie and I have been sweating it to workout videos in our family room. (I know, how 80's am I?) We move the coffee table and get jars of tomato sauce to use as our hand weights :)

4. Family pictures tomorrow for the Christmas card... hopefully my group can all smile and look nice for at least one photo. (Anna's got her work cut out for her!) Now, if I can only figure out what we are going to wear.

5. My aunt was here this week, we hadn't seen her in a few years. Her and my dad are twins, which always makes Matthew and I hold our breath until we have our first dr appt... some women can do it, I'm not one of them... twins would do me in. Anyways, we had fun seeing you Aunt Chiarina, the girls will miss you!!!

6. Kadyn's had her 2 month dr appt today, appropriately on her 2 month birthday. She's 10 lbs 2 oz and 21.5 inches long! Finally, we've passed the 10 pound mark! She got a whole bunch of shots today, poor girl... she was happy as anything staring at her Daddy, then Mr. Nurse started with the series of shots. She screamed her head off, poor baby. Hopefully we don't experience any side effects.


The Foulgers said...

I can't wait to see/hear how you family pictures go. Good luck!

Mikki said...

I think you could use any one of your Sunday pictures for Christmas pictures--they're all so cute. SO, I'm sure Anna will have no problem working with you guys.
Yay for Kacey and the big girl bed. Awesome!

Kaylan said...

So there might be hope for me yet if I put Haley in a big girls bed!? We will have to see! I am still not that confident. Glad you had a great week! I am seeing Twilight on Friday at 9:45pm with Amanda, Monica, and company! Can't wait!