Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend Pictures

This picture was taken prior to the incident. Let me share the "incident."
Kacey got tired of bowling (we were at Cosmic Night at Santa Fe, all dark with all the sparkling lights... etc) Matthew was bowling for his turn and Kacey's turn, he ended up getting like 6 strikes in a row b/w both his and Kacey's turn.
Aaron starts doing really good too, he's a good bowler but in his own words he's inconsistent. He had 5 strikes in a row, Matthew (in an effort to be funny) rolled a ball down when Aaron wasn't looking. It screwed up his score, Aaron was so angry he had to walk off. We all kinda thought it was funny, didn't really mean any harm. Poor Aaron, always getting ganged up on, always the butt of the baby of the family jokes. We love you Aaron, and yes Aaron was the first one ready early Thursday morning to drive from Utah to here... (if you remember that post last week).
Sweet baby :)
Wow, no kids... quick let's run for it!

Grandpa's Girls.

Kacey and Uncle Aaron..

I love her smile here.

Kadyn was just relaxing staring at all the lights for cosmic hour!

Getting ready for Kacey's turn to bowl...

Kylie and her Aunt Rosie... Kylie says that she's my sister, since all her uncles are Matthew's brothers... makes sense.

Kylie could handle it all on her own, although Kacey's score was higher because of Daddy's help. We didn't tell Kylie that... if you know her, you know why (she's just like her father!)

Big Hugs, this one's my favorite. The night before, everyone went to the strip and to ESPN Zone. Well, we stayed home and enjoyed ourselves at Kohls and then Grandma took us girls out for ice cream!!!


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

How fun! Cute pictures :)

Mikki said...

Looks like fun. My hubby is a very SERIOUS bowler, and probably would have reacted the same way.☺

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

AHH!!! Sounds like such a fun weekend!!! I love how your girls always match!!! Their clothes are the cutest!! Can you dress my children when I have them?

Missy said...

Ha Ha... Darren and I are both very competitive. Especially when it comes to bowling!
Cute pics. Looks like you had a great weekend!

the boyd family said...

Defendant comment: Aaron only had 4 strikes previous to the so called "incident" and after the 4 strikes he had a spare. So his strike streak was over BEFORE the action in question! Also it wasn't mentioned that I wasn't the only one involved, i was just the one who threw the ball down the lane...

The Foulgers said...

I think when you come from a family of all boys, competition is just part of life. I can't wait till my boys get bigger so that I can be the peacemaker!:)