Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Daddy got some cute pictures of the girls this morning. But then they were burnt out and family pictures were rough!

Keep scrolling, you will see... This was before I got to her... Matthew's unskilled in the bow department. Love those blue eyes!

Love my baby's curls. That's completely natural, just a little detangler spray!


Okay, so come join us in our little morning photo shoot...

Focus girls... Kacey, put down the milk. Kadyn, camera, look! Kylie, good girl... keep it up!

Everyone say, Tinkerbell. Kacey what are you looking at? Put the milk down.

Somebody take her milk, Kadyn look at the red light... not at Daddy.

And affirmative... we hid the milk.

Yup. That's it, we're done.


Mikki said...

Kadyn is SUCH a doll. Love the photos. Love Kacey's curls, and of course Miss Kylie, is just so sweet (and pretty). Good genes. yup.

Missy said...

That's funny, before I even read the captions, I was thinking I have never seen Kadyn without a bow. Darren never put them on my girls either. I also love that in all your family shots she is looking at Matthew.
Also, did he tell you that Riley kept yelling "Hey Coach", every time she saw him today? What a silly girl!

dadTB said...

Happy Memorial Day!

Aunt Julie and I opened the pool this weekend. Zach helped me remove the large pool cover. That's always a chore and a half!

The pool is still cloudy and clearing. It will take a few more days.

The girls are so beautiful. Everyone looked happy and content during the picture sitting.

Have a great remainder of the holiday weekend.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

The Foulgers said...

Hey at least you got a few really cute pictures before the girls got burnt out. I also think it is so cute that Kadyn is always looking at her daddy!

the boyd family said...

i'm not sure why, one of these days we'll get a family picture of kadyn looking at the camera. might be a while though :)

Nicole said...

nicole----those girls are gorgeous! hey, i was thinking, you've got to tell me when you gusy are in PA next. i'd LOVE to see you and matt, and the girls. you'll tell me, ok?

The High Family- said...

I don't know how you do it every week. We can barely get pictures every few months. Your girls look so cute. They just have the sweetest little faces. I would happily take one of them if you don't mind!

jenjamin said...

heck, I am not sure I have seen more beautiful girls. Adorable!