Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinckley

I was at the fireside, when Matthew texted me saying that President Hinckley had passed away. My first thought was disbelief, but I realized my husband wouldn't have texted it if it wasn't true. Moments later, it was announced. The young women took it pretty hard, and I found myself with tears coming down my face. Like them, he's the only Prophet that I've known since being baptized a member of this church.

After the initial, "but it can't be..." thoughts. I thought of his wife's death almost 4 years ago and how wonderful for them to be together again. My husband and I were talking, and he said that's it's strange to know that the actual, most powerful man in the world had died. And sadly, many don't know of him... and that can parallel to the Savior also. Many don't know Him, and it is sad.

As with many others, the beloved President Hinckely will always hold a special place in my heart. Front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal, described his life as a testament to service and someone with a true love for others. I will always remember that moment, as I sat with the thousands, waiting for General Conference to begin. And the beautiful silence that overtook the room as he walked in. Everyone in amazement of the WONDERFUL man we were all in the presence of. He lifted his cane as if to wave hello. I'll miss his voice this coming April.

But, as we have record of the experiences of the pioneers... After the Prophet Joseph had been murdered, the Saints looked to Brigham Young. And they heard it, as if it were Joseph Smith's voice and words, coming out through Brigham Young. I look forward to this conference and feeling my testimony grow, similar to that of the pioneers, as I hear the words of guidance and love coming out of the mouth of our next Prophet.

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Missy said...

Well, put. It's very bittersweet. Also, I love that Kylie does chores, you're a good mom. We're doing the same in our house, or trying to anyway. Thanks for the offer, but the window has been fixed! How are you feeling?