Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun latest things to keep me busy, as if I don't have enough already!

Pinterest is a dangerous thing!
I find all these cute ideas, yummy recipes, DIY projects and I can't think about anything else!

Sadly, we're over Gymboree.  Kylie's too big, well she's almost 8... but she looks so much older (she's to my shoulder).  So I've developed innovative new ways of matching (mainly for church... I've got a reputation I have to live up to now!)  This skirt coupled with a DownEast top is adorable.  I have another skirt, which I'll show soon... a little similar, kinda different... gray and yellow.
 This project I was really excited about.  Kadyn always, always comes into our bedroom in the middle of the night and says she has bad dreams.  I don't think she really has bad dreams, as much as she just wakes up and decides to roam around.  I always say, "go back to bed."  Well 9 out of 10 times, I find her in the morning anywhere but her bed: the floor of my room (I step on her getting out of bed, or in Kylie's little bed, or on Kloey's rocking chair, one time I found her on the floor in the living room cuddled up in the curtain behind the chair!!!) 

So that madness needs to end.  Here is her new spot:
 It's an actually her crib mattress, set on top of little wooden cubbies.  We stored books and toys all under there, and she has a little spot.  So she doesn't go to random places in the house, and so Kylie still gets a good night's rest.  But it doubles for a cool place for Kylie to read or two girls to lay and watch tv.  I was pretty proud of myself! :)  Did I mention that it barely cost me $20??!  just improvising with stuff we had and needing only a few things to make it work.

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thepainterfamily said...

following through with pins from pinterest is the BEST!

I love their skirts! They look adorable.