Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Halloween Party & Thankful Thursday

Today the preschool kids had a Halloween party and put on a little singing program for the parents.
It was super cute, they sang a few songs about pumpkins, ghosts and witches. They had hand motions and counting and all that good stuff. It was adorable! Kylie was Ariel from the Little Mermaid :) --(She'll be Cinderella again tomorrow night; that's the good thing with girls, they love to play dress up so all our princess costumes get good use)

She did a really good job remembering the words and doing the hand motions!

Kylie and her teacher Mrs. Tate, who's all decked out and really made it fun for the kiddos.


NOW, for Thankful Thursday:

1. Happy Children~ those moments where all is calm, everyone is happy and playing nice, i love those moments!

2. Kadyn hugs~ when I pick her up and she's on my chest/shoulder, she lifts her arms up as if holding onto me too. It's her own version of a hug, I don't know if it's intentional or a natural response type thing or if it's just comfortable for her but I LOVE IT!

3. Baby swings~ it buys me a little time.

4. Kacey, right after she comes out of the tub, loves to be wrapped in her towel with the hood right over her eyes and tightly snuggled (this is before the jammie competition). I love doing the snuggle time, she literally falls into my lap and she closes her eyes and we rock back and forth.

5. Today is a very special day, I met my hot hubby 9 years ago today at a church dance. He was DJing, and he was mighty fine with his freshly blond tipped stylin' hair. I'm thankful that he and I just happened to meet there 9 years ago!


Shauna said...

How fun! I love this time of year! Hope you have a very Happy Halloween :)

Sheri said...

Ok you have to put a picture of Matts blonde tipped hair. I can't picture it.

Mikki said...

mmmm, baby hugs--they're just the best. Baby smiles--I don't care if they say it's just gas, it's still a smile. Love your list. I love those few blissful moments when everyone is just getting along. It's the only time I'm sane.
Do you have a picture of your hubby with those blonde tips? That'd be worth seeing!

The Foulgers said...

How I miss Tate's preschool. She does such a great job! I would also love to see Matt's hair, oh the 90's!:)

dadTB said...

Nicole and Matt,

Aunt Julie and I couldn't agree with you more about the benefits of a good swing. It really helped us with our colicky middle child.

Back in the day, Aunt Julie would work 3-11 p.m. and I would get home from work around 4:00 p.m. Our sitter(s), a Cambodian mom and her older teen daughters, would have things totally under control before I stepped through the doorway. The problem was, they then had to go home and would leave dear ole' Uncle Tom there with a busy 8.5 month old and a 2 month old colicky baby.

After hours of walking and patting, that blessed swing set came into play. Aunt Julie would walk in the door around 11:30 p.m. Chris was in his crib sleeping, Little Tom was sniffling in the swing all cuddled in, and there was dead-tired Uncle Tom on the couch... Ahhhh, the good ole' days! :-)

Kacey looks cute as Princess Ariel. She really looked like she was enjoying and into the hand motions, for sure!

Happy Halloween,
Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom