Thursday, June 19, 2008

S O C C E R ! ! !

We had a busy morning. I dropped Kylie off for her hour of kiddie kollege (Today they colored, cut, glued catapiller food to a picture- I guess they read a book about it.... Yesterday -since I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats- was Cooking Day and they made and ate pancakes. Kylie put whipped cream and sprinkles on hers). So this morning, I dropped Kylie off, ran to the grocery store with Kacey, ran home to unload, ran back to pick Kylie up with a packed lunch and bottled water...

I was so happy that Matthew was able to escape work for soccer! Kylie was really excited to see her Daddy after her class, and it makes her realize that what she's doing is important and that she's special to have her Daddy there watching her too. I'm really grateful, that despite the hassles of Matthew's day, he always does stuff like that to be involved. So right after class, Kylie quickly changed with me in the bathrooms to her soccer stuff, and (we had 15 minutes) the girls ate their packed sandwiches. And in the gym we went for SOCCER!

The pictures all came out blurry, go figure since there was a lot of running. But to start, here's a video of Kylie running around and kicking into the goal.


The teacher was really nice... she gave Kacey a little ball to play around with, because (regardless of what yummy snacks I had for her) she quickly realized that what all the kids were doing was much more fun!The funniest thing happened, I WISH we got it on video. The kids were all done, the teacher pulled them in a huddle in the middle of the gym, and said 3-2-1- SOCCER right as the buzzer on the clock went off. During this time, Kacey was being all big and brave walking into the middle of the gym (I guess to join the huddle) then she heard the buzzer.... poor thing, you could see her face and seconds later came the horrific scream and alligator tears... it was really cute! :)


thepainterfamily said...

so sweet! i have great memories of my dad sneaking into my highschool basketball practices! I would hear the door upstairs creak and be mortified, because I knew it was him (even though no one else ever saw him), but secretly, it meant a lot to me that he cared! :)

anna banana said...

You are a great mom, look at all those activities, what fun for you and your kids!

The Foulgers said...

What a great idea to have an indoor soccer team. With this heat they would die outside! You are such a fun mom!