Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy Little Bees

This summer I have the girls enrolled in a whole bunch of various activities. I figure with summer break for Preschool, Kylie would be climbing the walls in boredom if I didn't have a plan. And there's only so much to do in the Vegas 110+ summer, much less being in my last trimester my energy is lacking. That and we're putting a pool in the backyard, it's only a matter of time before the digging starts and the noise is going to drive me crazy!!!!! So today was the first day of all the fun!
This is Kylie's first class of "Kreative Kiddie Kollege"- it's for 1 hour, 3 days a week. Every week they focus on a different theme and do different crafts and sing songs. The teacher is really nice, Ms. Jackie. Kylie was such a good girl. I went to peek on her when it was almost over and another mom asked which kid was mine. I pointed Kylie out, and she said to me... "Oh, she's really good. She was the first one done with her project!" This mom was actually chastising her daughter through the window because she was struggling cutting with scissors, as were quite a few other children... not my Kylie and she's one of the younger ones in the class (yes, I'm a proud Momma!)
I was peeking in from a little window so it's blurry.

The next 6 weeks are SO crazy for the girls, but I'm really excited about it. Kylie's got her creative class 3 days a week. Then she's also in soccer once a week, more pictures Thursday. And then swim lessons start in about 2 weeks, which will be 3 days a week also.
Since Kacey's younger, she has less going on... And while Kylie was at her class, Kacey started gymnastics. It's a Mommy & Me class, I was the only pregnant Mommy... it was quite a workout!

She was amazing on the balance beam. I was holding her hand for my sake, not for hers.



The Foulgers said...

Wow, you do have them plenty busy, but just think how great they'll sleep at night. They will be all tuckered out! And I'm so jealous you're getting a pool. The sounds they create building it will be well worth it!

Nicole Manuele said...

You guys are really busy, but it sounds like fun! That is so exciting that your getting a pool. That will be fun!

Missy said...

Man you are busy! Luke had Miss Jackie a couple years ago, she is great! You are looking so cute!
Yay for the pool!!

Mikki said...

busy, busy, busy. buzz, buzz, buzz. I'm at the opposite end of this scenario. Absolutely nothing planned for my girls. I need to pull out the community center guide, and see what I can sign them up for. Maybe karate.

dadTB said...

Sounds like a busy but well planned summer for you and the girls. Not only are the girls getting exercise, but it looks like mommy is, too!

I really like the pictures in the past two threads. It's nice being able to watch the girls grow through them.

Kacey is really taking off. She looks like a natural on the balance beam.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom