Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday & Friday

Wow it is getting cold here and it's so windy!
We have a 50% chance of snow for the next few days, it's not snowed since we've been here. I've heard 2003 brought some snow, we'll see what happens! All I know is I'm freezing!
We had our Ward Christmas Party today, which was lots of fun. Kylie did the sweetest thing, I should save it for my Thankful Thursday, but I can't wait. We went through the line to get the yummy breakfast. Well right after when we sat down, they put out doughnuts. So (as sneaky adults) we encouraged Kylie to go get us some. Children can cut in line, adults can't and we already waited in the line for quite a bit. So she goes over, she's there for a while. Comes back with a plate in each hand. Bless her heart- she said that there weren't any doughnuts left so she got 2 plates, put like a grape and cantalope piece on one plate and a little bit of strawberry filling on another plate.... small little portions, like a little spoonfull. Sweetest gesture as she gave it to Matthew and I. We ate it very thankfully for her efforts.

Kacey wanted to sit on Santa's lap, never really made it on his lap... wouldn't even look at him. But she stood in line because she really wanted to see him and get the little gift of bubbles.

Kylie was scared, wouldn't go near him.

This was a picture from Friday, too cute, we were on our way to Sam's Club...our Friday usual. I just love these vests!

We'll keep you posted on if we get snow!

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The Foulgers said...

We sure miss that ward. It looks like a fun party. I hope you get some snow, we just got dumped on yesterday!