Friday, December 5, 2008


Oh I am exhausted! We had a wonderful time this past week in Disneyland, it's even nicer when it's all decked out for Christmas... the girls had so much fun. Kadyn was an angel as usual, such a trooper. When we do Disney, we do it for real... we're there from opening to closing, and Kadyn did great!So pretty for Christmas
It was so cold while we were there, granted we've acclimated to Vegas weather. But when I checked the forecast it said 70's. Something must have changed. Luckily I overpack, I had fleeces, sweatshirts, jackets, hats and mittens for the girls. Me, I had nothing. Just a sweatshirt. Matthew's a big tough man so he wasn't cold. I was freezing!!!At night it was really nice too, they'd even make it snow! Us waiting for the parade, we have to get the good seats... so Kadyn and I would sit on a bench like 2.5 hours beforehand.
Off they go while I sit on our bench :) I didn't mind, it was nice to relax.
Precious little thing. I kept feeling her legs to make sure, but she was as snug as a bug... nice and warm.

Did I mention that I was freezing? It was so cold, I kept a child on my lap at all times for body warmth.... (sitting on a cold bench for a few hours probably didn't help)
Matthew and Kylie were on Tower of Terror (like 4 times) so Kacey made a friend. Goofy kissed her on the cheek and she was so excited, she was talking about it all afternoon!

This was cute, the little train ride...

Love Kacey's smile here, Kylie's like "Dad can you hurry up?!"

We even saw Santa's REINDEER!

I love this picture, they're watching a Princess show. Look at Kylie, that is such a typical Boyd stance. (seriously, how much does that look like her father and her uncles?!!?)

You and me babe, sitting on a bench again. We did the parade and fireworks every night we were there. It was really great, I loved the Christmas parade and how all the floats were decorated.

OUT! Can you make some room for me in there :)

Tea cups, of course they had to pick the pink one... they always have to sit in the pink tea cup.

THE END, seriously I'm so exahusted and I still have a bizzilion loads of laundry to do... but it was super fun. Thanks for surviving all those pictures :)


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!! I am jealous! Also about the cold weather......we are praying for anything over 30....ahh to live in Vegas!!! We will be there soon! I hope you guys are doing well!

Sheri said...

How fun! I hate getting home and having to get back top real life, laundry.

Mikki said...

What a fun week. Hope you're warming up now that you're home. Wonderful pictures. Those girls are just so gorgeous!

Adam and Samantha said...

Your girls are so cute! It looks like you guys and so much fun! And little Kadyn looks so cute all bundled up!

Missy said...

How fun!! I'm glad you said it was cold. I was planning on 70s too.
I'm doing landry now to go, and will be doing it when we get home. When does it ever end??
Glad you had a nice time!!

The Foulgers said...

I am seriously so jealous! We miss Disneyland so much, not to mention the warm Vegas weather and all our good buddies! I'm glad you over-packed, way to be on top of it!