Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

Well we've made the transition from side rows, to the long big rows at church. I was resistant I must say... something about a wall on one side and kids being unable to escape that direction puts me at ease. But we did it and we survived. Kylie did however ask why she didn't get to go up and sing again like she did for the Primary Program. I think if she had her way, every Sunday would be the Primary Program!

No Kadyn's not matching the older girls, she's so tiny... nothing fits yet! :)

***Heads up for the week, Dr appts Tuesday, for everyone. It's going to be a BAD day in my house. Kadyn gets her 1 month shots. I'm anxious to see how much she weighs now, on our scale she's weighing in right at 7.0. Back to Dr appts, Kylie and Kacey both need flu shots. Ugh. Any good ideas? Right now I'm thinking bribery with McDonald's ice cream cones afterwards... although it's flipping freezing here so ice cream might not be the way to go. (by freezing I mean the high is 60, and honestly we are SOOOOO cold!!!!)


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Such adorable pictures!!! I love how you all match!!! It is my favorite part! I am going to beg Chase to match my children and me on Sundays! I seriously think it is so cute!

The Foulgers said...

Wow your little family is growing if you need the long bench at church. I like you didn't want to do it either, so we all squished in the short benches till baby #4. I think it is because you can trap them in! Your pictures look adorable and your baby is still so tiny! Keep us posed how your day of shots go. Good luck!

Kaylan said...

Hey, I have a suggestion for the flu-shot! I took Haley to the doctor's back in Sept. for a little no nothing visit and they asked me if I wanted to get her flu shot now. I said sure and then they said they had the nasal flu-shot available if I wanted it. I said "YES PLEASE!". Ask them if they have it available and go that route if you can. All Kacey needs to be able to do is sniff on command and Kylie will be able to do that no problem. It was so much easier :) My insurance covered it as far as I know. I had to sign something in case they didn't cover the nasal over the shot. Let me know how that goes! What a good looking family!