Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday

Monday is cleaning day. I take one day, put on music and we do everything! We stay home (it's windy, freezing here anyways) and do it all. Then we get to play all week long knowing the house is clean... although I'm probably the only one who gets great enjoyment knowing my house is clean and orderly~ Kylie and Kacey are probably glad it's over. Well, I can't say that, it does seem like they enjoy doing it. I took some pictures of my busy bees helping out. They really are a big help.
Kylie's jobs: vacuuming the steps, vacuuming the tile downstairs, putting all her laundry away. She'll also mop the tile when Kacey goes down for a nap (mainly because I worry Kacey will fall on the wet floor)

Kacey's jobs: keeping the cord straight while I vacuum the 5 bedrooms upstairs (which helps out sooo much!), she also helps put her clean/folded laundry away, cleaning her room... although both girls tend to keep their bedrooms neat.

Pink Vacuum, very appropriate for our family! (yes dad, I emptied it out) :P

My jobs: management- all laundry and ironing, and overseeing that everything is done properly! Yeah, I wish... I do everything else and anything that involves dust and cleaner. I'll get to clean all 4 bathrooms again when Kacey and Kadyn are down for naps. Fun fun!!! :)


I really like that we do this together, it teaches the girls that sometimes (even if you don't want to) we clean up... and it also teaches them to clean as they go along during the week because it makes Monday's cleaning easier. (maybe I can teach my husband that too, hehe... sorry dear, couldn't resist!) But it's not out of sorts for my girls to spill crumbs or cut paper and then go get the vacuum and clean up the floor all on their own- without being asked/reminded.

We also look forward to Monday because when it's all done, we have Movie Time Monday with popcorn and usually play outside for longer than normal and with our chalk. Kylie also gets extra time to play her learning games on the computer, because she's Mommy's Big Helper and really makes my load lighter. And they'll make a fun kiddie dinner for us ~~~Matthew's got class on Monday evenings and well, we get bored :) SO it's not all work and no play! But I should probably get back to work...


Kaylan said...

Okay, you are my role model! I don't know why but I forget to let Haley pick-up her toys and help me out around the house. I am sure when the new baby comes I can rely on her more for help when she learns to help out more then. I think it is fabulous the girls have chores and help out as much as they do. What a great example you are to me! I am going to try and make Haley do more around the house :)

Missy said...

I love it! Monday is usually our cleaning day, but I think the weather has done something to me. We've just been lazy! The vacuum is totally cute!

Mikki said...

That is so awesome!! You're really doing a great thing by letting them help out. It's teaching them so much! I too, seem to just try to get the stuff done, and forget to let the girls' help--and they're definitely big enough to help. They do have chores and what-not, but I'm just not consistent.

PS Loved your Sunday pictures!

thepainterfamily said...

oh my! this is fabulous! they are such good helpers! WOW, I'm so impressed!

The Foulgers said...

You are awesome! I never let my kids help out! I think if I do it, it gets done right the first time. I do think that they should help out though, it teaches them responsibility! I just need to ease up!

April Showers said...

Aww your girls are so stinkin cute! And they are CLEANING??? That's just amazing. But then girls are better at it anyway...

dadTB said...

Tell the girls to pack their bags and head east to help Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom clean their home! LOL

With two yellow labs and a Jug puppy, it can get pretty hairy around here fast. :-)

Happy 1 month-old-day to Baby Kaydn!

They're all little cuties.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Jill said...

Impressive. And motivating.
Love it! I wish I had only one cleaning day a week!