Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. Every morning, I get to pick out 4 outifts and do 4 heads of hair. I love doing it every, single morning... I really and truly love it!!! (also that Kylie still let's me pick out her outfit and doesn't fight me on what I pick... I know those days might be limited)

2. The precious way Kacey pronounces the word "suit." I'm not sure how or why, but her nose crinkles and her mouth makes the shape of an O. It always makes me smile.

3. The amazing effect of a shower: it brings me patience and peace... (I tend to take long showers, sometimes one in the morning AND one after we put the girls to bed)

4. A blog post I read today titled "Bitter and Sweet." Tara's a friend from college. If you're a mom, you should read it.

5. (Don't think I'm shallow, if you've had a kid--or a few-- you understand me when I say) The fact that my normal clothes are starting to fit again.


Mikki said...

Nicole, I love your Thankful Thursday posts. They're so good.
I read your friends post too--that is so-gosh, bittersweet. Such a gentle reminder for all of us. Thanks for the link.
Well, I'm glad your pre-pregnancy stuff is fitting, I'm still working at it though! ;P

Missy said...

Yeah, I'm jealous!! I'm how many momths ahead of you and just some of my stuff is now fitting! I look forward to your thursday post every week!

thepainterfamily said...

oh dear! I'm embarrased! but thanks for the support! :)