Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Our Sunday Easter Pictures

 Sometimes you need a silly one to get the wiggles out, and get a good picture later!
 All 4 cutie pies!
 It boggles my mind how old they look.  In my mind, Kylie is only as old as Kacey looks.  So it's weird when I look at Kacey and realize it's not Kylie.  It's Kacey, but Kacey can't be that old... that's how old I have Kylie in my mind... then you look at Kylie and it's like "who is that?!?!?!"  She's so old.  Did that make sense?  Basically, even though I see them everyday... in my mind, they are younger.  In pictures, they look so old :(

We tried to do fun things this Spring Break and enjoy our time.  We spent one day (pictures I will have to post later) that we went downtown to Circus Circus and played at AdventureDome.  Super fun day... exhausting really.

Then, the next day we made our annual strawberry freezer jam... which is absolutely divine!!!!
 Of course, who am I kidding.... all they wanted to do was ride bikes.  So we went to the middle school parking lot right up the street.  I brought a magazine and Diet Mtn Dew and they had a blast!  Kadyn was asleep by 6:15 that night.  It was awesome!!!
 The Saturday prior to Easter of course is spent coloring eggs... notice all the colors, we go all out!  Heavens NO, we can not have just one yellow... we must have 2.  LOL
 Silly girl, she is teething and drooling like crazy.  Everything is in her mouth, she's chomping on anything and everything.  And she's getting some teeth, so giving your hand to appease her for the moment hurts like heck!

Sunday Morning... the girls were really loved this Easter by extended family.  Lots of fun treats and cards and toys and stickers... spoiled rotten they are!  The Easter Bunny also created a 20 hint hunt for their baskets... it was awesome!
 The reason we have a locked gated pool fence around the pool.
 And the girls finding Easter eggs early Sunday morning. :)
Anybody else exhausted.  I am. :)


thepainterfamily said...

What a great easter!
LOVE their easter dresses,
and the pics of the new house
(an amazing pantry!!)

Rosanne Boyd said...

So cute and fun!! The girls are really growing up fast! I can't wait to see them this summer, I know they have changed so much sense the last time I saw them! They are all so adorable :)

The High Family- said...

Such cute dresses! Need some tips on how to dress a little girl. It is all still so new to me and your girls are always dressed to perfection! Looks like you had a great easter!