Sunday, April 24, 2011

I think...

I think we are settled in.  The boxes are few and far between.  Only a few leftover in the 3rd car garage.  And THIS place is really starting to feel like home.
My most favorite part of packing up was this one particular day, I rounded up some of my most awesomest friends... and I gave everyone a closet (in the old house).  So up and down the steps, we ran... loading up our cars.  And we convoyed to the new house to unload in the appropriate closet.  This was a huge help!  Thanks you fabulous ladies for your help! :)

 Happy as can be, in the midst of the boxes.
 Kacey and Kloey
 And what's been going on this past month.  They dug this up...
 And now we have this!
(taken from the window over my kitchen sink, that bar is from the window)
To be perfectly honest, the house is amazing due to the pantry (which my mom organized) and the laundry room.  The pantry is a little slice of heaven!  Yes, there are 2 doors and 2 windows and 3 lights!  I love the house, it's great... really it is... but the pantry is what rocks my world!!! LOL

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