Sunday, April 24, 2011

Catching Up

Can it really almost be May?
So we've moved, life is settling.  The move was amazing.  I had wonderful friends that I mentioned in a previous post who helped me move my girls' closets... without judging me on the amount of clothes we have! LOL  I appreciated it so much.  When we moved that Saturday morning, we had more than 20 guys there helping us.  Absolutely incredible.  I never realized how many good friends we have, how they were willing to help, sacrifice a few weekend hours they had with their family, to come help us with something that just wasn't fun.  Their help was appreciated beyond more than I can say. 

We have really great friends... girlfriends of mine, who I love dearly... not sure what they bribed their husbands with... but 2 men in particular stayed the day with Matthew and me... putting beds together, hanging large pictures, hanging LARGE shelves, making my girls' beds... measuring and hanging my stupid pottery barn organizational chart... they stayed 9 hours with us to make our house a home!!!  Words cannot express how much you appreciate someone when they help you do something that you don't even want to do yourself.... when they take on your load and burden, when they don't have too... but they do because they are your friends.  For that, I am grateful.  We are grateful.  Matthew was dreading hanging that stupid pottery barn thing and that big black shelf from Rodworks.  He came home from returning the Moving Truck, and they had done it.  As well as putting Kylie's new desk and hot pink swivel chair together.  No words to describe.  Just Grateful.

So we are in a new ward at church.  I'm slowly being known as the lady who dresses her girls all alike, people are starting to ask questions.  (been there done that, here we go again!)  What's nice is still seeing all our friends from the old ward in the halls at church.  Moving kept us in the same church but different time.  Prior to even leaving our old ward, I got a calling... as in while I was Primary Secretary still in our old ward, I was called as the YW 2nd counselor.  HAHA, it was all very funny.  Matthew was loving life as I don't camp; I know he can't wait to see this all play out.  3 words in the English language do not ring as true as the following,  "I Don't Camp."  YW = Camp July.  So I guess we have some figuring out to do, especially with  Matthew taking time off of work so I can be there a little bit.  But it's been really great.  The Young Women's program is huge here, I have about 15 beehives and 3 advisors who are all wonderful and I'm glad to be in this calling to get to know them.  There are roughly 50 Young Women and alot of leaders so I'm able to make friends quick (and babysitters).  They have welcomed me in and become my friends instantly.  Ironically, one of my advisors grew up in PA and knew the Boyds- she's between Brad and Bryan.  Small world, but nice to have a connection.  One of my dear, sweet beehives just so happens to be my bff's niece... gotta love that too!  :)

Upon receving my calling, Matthew figured he was home free.  He's been Elder's Quorum President forever.  In fact our Stake President, has given Matthew the title of longest standing EQ Pres in the stake.  And I know Matthew's enjoyed every minute of it.  He's the type of person that even if he's worked 12 hours that day, and he has a stake meeting that night, he wouldn't miss it for the world.  I can say that he gave that calling his all, even when it meant he'd come home to a cranky wife... but he's done it because he knew it would bring us blessings.  So anyway... here I have a calling and he's loving life without church responsibilities -other than to be the support character to me.  And as the roles reversed he actually he did a great job.  I started to have some meetings and things Sunday mornings, and we did responsibility reversal.  Him getting the girls dressed and fed Sunday mornings, preparing snacks and diapers for our 3 hours of church... he even did hair.  Which was impressive.  No doubt I fixed it when I came home, but the effort was dually noted and appreciated.  But no sooner was he loving a free life of duties, was he called as Membership Clerk.  But it's been nice to be welcomed into the ward with callings and new responsiblities to get to know people. 

We definitely hated leaving our friends, which mainly means leaving our ward.  The group of girlfriends I have are amazing.   But I'm really no further from their homes than I was before.  I'm only in a different direction, which I'm really glad about.  :)

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Missy said...

Can you believe there was no bribing involved? haha
We sure miss you guys, but glad we still get to see ya in the halls and at school!
Sorry Matt about the calling. ;)