Friday, May 13, 2011

it's a GREAT day

We can finally share the secret, Matthew got a promotion at his company!  It's absolutely incredible, and we could not be more happy!!!  It's been in the works for a few months now.  We tried not to get our hopes up, but it's been on the back of MY mind constantly.  The "what if's" and "how nice would it be if...." Many phone and personal interviews here and there, making appearances at large functions which essentially were interviews... it's been nerve-wrecking. 

  He is now the National Strategic Partnerships and Relations liason for his company to the outside companies they have business relationships with.  There are 2 people in his whole company nationwide that do this specific thing (the company employs 21,000 people), so I think it's pretty fancy.  Matthew doesn't have to GO to work anymore... like at the office here.  He can if he wants, probably would be more peaceful than here at home.  (gives me a little more help with school and preschool drop off in the mornings)  So he mainly flies  - at the drop of a hat - to wherever in the country that he feels he needs to go in that particular moment.  SO AWESOME. 

If I had to define this new job in one word, it's to schmooz.  Lots of golf and dining out and keeping others from partner companies happy.  He's in heaven, who wouldn't be!?!  I'm excited for him, WAY less stress, WAY better job, WAY more fun.  He will spend alot of time in Denver, that's where the job is centralized.  So we will be getting some sah-weet airline miles (as well as hotel rewards and car rental rewards)!  SIDENOTE: It came up during the interview process, that he will be picking up the tab at various functions.  The bill could be a few thousand dollars... no wonder there are only 2 people in the whole company who do this job.  It could get pretty expensive for the company pretty dang fast!  LOL... HOLY COW!

It's definitely a job unlike any he has ever had, and it's definitely a huge blessing for our family.  We are so grateful for it to come at this point in our lives.  Absolutely amazing and wonderful... and we are super excited!!!


Rosanne Boyd said...

Congratulations!! That is so exciting! All that hard work pays off, and now what a fun job to have!

dadTB said...

Way to go, Matt! What a great job to have... Do you need a centralized overseer of the "National Strategic Partnerships and Relations" duo? I'm available. I'd be willing to come out of retirement (like Brett Farve)for a job like that. LOL!

By the way, what's your handicap? (And don't say your uncle!)

Love you all,
Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom