Saturday, August 15, 2009


Silly girls, they were so excited! This was our first "are we there yet?"- type of trip. :)
First day in CA Adventure with Minnie.

A picture is worth 1000 words... car story at the end if you're interested.A Bug's Land
Kylie and Matthew on Big Thunder Mountain.
Just relaxing, it would be a great picture if I wasn't moving my hand. Sorry. For all who don't know, that's my Mom. She's awesome. We got adjoining rooms so the girls could drive her nuts instead of us. It worked :)

Love this, the big 2 (by that I mean Matthew and Kylie) went on Tower of Terror and we found Sully. I've got like 20 pictures of this, so precious...

He didn't hug anyone else :)
Matthew and all 3 girls on the carousel... Kadyn's first ride.

Kylie was finally tall enough for Screamin' in CA Adv. Matthew stuck folded napkins in her heels and she had on huge soled shoes... but finally!!! She loved it, front row and all!!!!

The group on the Tea Cups, pink of course... every time!
(Matthew and his stupid cars hat, you wouldn't believe how many people look at him... us, me... and I'm like, yeah hi people, yes my husband is crazy.)

Too sweet.

I love this one, she is giggling up a storm!!!

The whole family on the carousel.
US on Dumbo- Kacey's favorite.

The End :)
Car Story---
I decided I wanted to start our car every day while we were there, even though we weren't going to be driving it. Our DVD drains our car battery, why we have no idea, but we just got a new one a month ago so we weren't too concerned... but still, I thought I'd keep starting the car. Good thing I did, because it didn't start the day after we got down there and I'm glad we didn't find that it out the day we were coming home.
SO, I called AAA hoping it was the battery.
Waited for the guy to come. Nope, it was "something mechanical, with the engine" the guy told me. Good times. What can I expect, we bought the car right before we had Kylie. So, we had it towed to some random shop, where we were completely at their mercy, or stuck in Anaheim forever. I was grateful, only 600 bucks and we were on our way. I've had a bad feeling something was due to go wrong... only I thought it would be a couple grand. So I was pleasantly surprised with this... and NO Matthew, no new car. Remember the "I think I'm going to throw up" by daughter #2 on the drive down to Disneyland... case and point, no new car just yet. :) The car is better, we got a new fuel pump (?) and it got us home safe and sound.


Missy said...

Looks like a blast! I was wondering how Kylie got on the screamin. I will have to remember that for Ry next time! Glad the car is OK!

The Foulgers said...

Kylie is such a little dare-devil. I don't think we could ever get Trevor to go on screamin.
How nice that your mom was able to come and help you out. I bet it was so fun to be able to go on any ride you wanted!
Bummer about your car. It could have been much worse, but car repairs are the worst!

thepainterfamily said...


So glad your car situation worked out...murphy's law right!?

and Sully's arms are SO LONG! Cracked me up!

The High Family- said...

That looks so fun. Great pictures. You are a lucky gal to have your mom so close. You look skinnier every picture I see of you. Stop making all the rest of us look bad.

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had so much fun on your vacation! As always your girls out-fits are adorable! I am just going to have you shop for my children when I have them! Sound good? By the way sorry to hear about your car story! Our car had problems when we went to Vegas last Christmas, but lucky we got there and got it fixed through some guy Chase's dad new from his old ward! Gotta love car trouble! Hope you guys are doing well!