Monday, September 8, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

While the girls ate breakfast, I found a new fun thing to do... making them hair bows! It's difficult because Kacey requires alligator clips, while Kylie can just have curly bows. Little glue, some cheap ribbon... WAY fun! Little Princess Kacey went all church keeping her diaper dry, well we did have a #2 dirty diaper... but for right now I'm focusing on tinkling... and she continued the whole day dry! :)
Not that this is a particularly good picture of me, but can we give a sigh of relief... this should be/will be my last Sunday pregnant!!!
Pretty eyes!

Love those curls, you could tell she loved her hair bows too and she could feel the ribbon ringlets on her head. She'd move her neck around to feel them bounce with her and just smile :)

Again, hopefully the last picture of just the 4 of us!!! :)


Nicole said...

Very cute, I love the little hair bows. Bailey won't ever keep hers in so I don't even try anymore. That's exciting your probably having the baby this week. Can't wait to see pictures.

The High Family- said...

Cute, Cute!! You look so good for being a week a way from having a baby! I love the girls dresses!!

Mikki said...

You don't even look like your 9 months prego. You look great! LOve the hairbows. you did good! I bet your excited for this week. Can't wait to see new baby pictures.

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Sooo cute!!! Your girls seriously are so beautiful! We also wanted to thank you for coming to the barbeque! That was very sweet of you guys and it meant a lot to us! Thanks again!

thepainterfamily said...

what cute bows! i'd love to learn to do that! and such cute curly hair! :) baby 3 is coming SO SOON! yeah! can't wait! good luck!

Amy said...

Good luck with the baby! We'll be thinking of you!! gooooooo nicole!!

dadTB said...

Any news from the home front?

Only 10 days left on the '' counter!

Nicole... "Push!"

Hope everything is going well. We're all waiting in anticipation of the new arrival.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

jenjamin said...

I think that is a cute tradition to do Sunday pictures. You look adorable by the way, you barely look pregnant.