Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Kacey!

My baby turned 2 today! I can't believe it, she seems so small but so big at the same time! Here are some fun pictures from her special day.......

We like to open presents AS SOON AS we get up in this house!
We had a mini celebration with my folks at our favorite go-to place, Peter Piper. AND Kacey was playing the games and won 580 tickets in about 5 minutes!!!

I've got cupcakes galore- see cupcake mountain down more... any good recipes for leftover icing? :)

Awesome fun balloons!!!


So now indulge me for a few moments...

Kacey Elisa Boyd

September 5, 2006 (part of the 5% of babies actually born on their due dates)

6 lbs & 11 oz. and 21 in.

She was born at Summerlin Hospital, and Daddy helped Dr. Kahle deliver her. My epidural wore off with her, I'd barely had it for an hour- I'm not sure what happened. It was horrible :) Her blood pressure dropped, I was on oxygen, nurses were running in and out, it was crazy hectic fast... Matthew was frantic, but trying not to be in front of me, asking everyone 1,000 questions, then lying to me about the answers that I'd just heard the nurses say... I guess to calm me down... didn't work, but I appreciate the gesture. The nurses were pushing on my stomach while I was pushing her out, no time to get the epidural man back to me to ease my pain... then our sweet little Kacey finally came!!! (and didn't sleep for 12 months straight!!!) :) :) :) All I remember when she was born was saying, "it's still a girl right??!!!" and Matthew saying, "she looks like Kylie."

We are so blessed to have our little Kacey, she's definitely her own little person and I love her so much for that. She can be a pistol and a half... and you can't help but laugh, we are just so grateful that she chose to come to us!!!

***side note*** As I say it with complete shock, I think she's potty trained (???). 3 days now, dry diapers all day long and holds it to go on the potty-- nighttime and #2's a different story, but I'll take it. I didn't do a thing. Seriously, this wasn't in my game plan at all. I've got no problem with having 2 children in diapers, BUT apparently her and Kylie had other ideas. Fun little present for me! ;) Wah-oooooo!


Mikki said...

Happy Birthday to Kacey!!
Wow, such a big girl now. I love the pictures. Just so darn precious.

The Foulgers said...

Happy Birthday Kacey! We are glad you had a great day!

Jana said...