Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby News

I had another dr appt today, no c-section needed, she's head down and placenta isn't in the way. She is however measuring a little small. I'm not too concerned because all my babies are small, Kylie 6.3 and Kacey 6.11 -of which I was pregnant the longest with her. He also said my amniotic fluid is marginal (why I was induced early with Kylie), but he said there are a few nice water pockets around so we'd give it the weekend.

I have to go back on Tuesday, and as we left he was calling Summerlin and Mountain View Hospitals to schedule my induction for later next week. I'm hoping for Friday the 12th, one full week after Kacey's birthday, but if he thinks it needs to happen sooner I guess there's not much I can do.... (I think that's why he was contacting both hospitals). So we'll see, exciting week ahead of us!
Thankful Thursday
1. Kacey's starting to use the potty all on her own with Kylie's encouragement, it's like the 2 of them are doing the potty training and I'm just sitting back watching it all! We'll see how long that lasts.
2. Finding one of Maggie's seizure pills on the floor before Kacey did. I guess Maggie chewed it and some fell out of her mouth. I'm so glad I got it before Kacey had a chance to swallow it, that could have been bad.
3. This sounds dumb but a really comfy pair of pajamas that I just got- love the fabric, love the fit, love them so much and can't wait to put them on!!!
4. Cooler September mornings. It warms up through the day, but those early mornings are fabulous!
5. Having the fastest best little soccer player... she's in a 4 yr old class which just so happens to be all boys and her... she's the fastest out of all of them, and the tallest, and she has awesome control of the ball. I love sitting there watching my girl kick some boy butt! :) Some of the dads get a little annoyed :) (hehe... sorry, that's bad of me but I still love it!)


Mikki said...

Ooooh, the end is in sight. You must be so relieved. I'm excited for you. I can't wait to see the newest addition to your beautiful family!!

dadTB said...

Hang in there, Nicole. We're all praying for you and your babe. Hopefully, she'll make an earlier rather than later appearance!

It's nice seeing all these little girls born. For two generations we had a ton of 'Boyd Boys'... LOL!

Tom, Jr.

Now all the little 'Boyd Girls' are arriving... :-) ahhhhhhh.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

The Foulgers said...

I hope all goes well. I'm glad you don't need a C-Section! Hopefully the potty training keeps going well. That would be fantastic if you only have to have one in diapers!

Missy said...

YAY!! I've been wondering what was up with that baby.
Riley's been potty training Chloe too.
If you end up at Mountainview, some of the food actually isn't too bad!

jenjamin said...

I am glad to see the things you are thankful for! Good post.