Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. The cute things kids say~ Kylie told her soccer coach today that Heavenly Father was going to make her grow up big and strong just like her Daddy. (I apparently am not big and strong, she tells me that I'll grow up someday too like Daddy and be able to ride the big rides)

2. Naptime and sleep at night, for my kids and for me... I love that they come daily.

3. Mail. It seems so minor, I love getting the mail. I got a package delivered today, love that!

4. Continued potty training success, not 100% but yesterday we were at Sam's Club and Kacey went there!!! It was a sight to see, me- big belly and all- holding onto her because our tushies don't touch public toilets, yelling, "YAH!" as Kylie's desperately trying to come in the stall to see her sister's victory. :)

5. Yes, I'm still alive... still blogging, no hospital yet. Matthew knows he has to post as soon as something exciting happens. But for now, I keep telling myself that I'm glad to still be pregnant so she can keep gaining weight and I can still be thankful for sleep. Although really I could have killed my DR after my stress test Monday when he said he'd either see me at the hospital this week--- me going on my own, only dilated to a 2, yeah right Dr. Kahle, come on now---- or he'd see me in a week and WE WOULD schedule induction. I guess for now he's more concerned with her gaining more weight than my amniotic fluid being low. SO I'm telling myself how thankful I am that she has the opportunity to gain more weight since he thinks she's measuring a little small. Thankful to still be pregnant, thankful to still be pregnant.... maybe if I keep repeating it...

AND I have one more...
I'm the opposite of a procrastinator, which is probably worse sometimes. You give me a year to do something, I'll have to get it done now. We're planning a vacation in the quite distant future, and I made some tentative reservations because I'd been monitoring rates and it appeared they'd dropped that day. WOW, now it's like $100+ more. Go me!!!!


Mikki said...

Yay for Kacie!! That's so awesome. I love Kylie's remarks. Kids do say the cutest things.
I guess the good thing about having twins, was that by 37 weeks, my doc was a-ok with getting those babies out. Just keep thinking about the sleep, you're getting it now, not so much later. :o)

Shurtliff Family said...

You are so cute to do a "Thankful Thursday." What a great idea! I too am so grateful for sleep, which is non-existent now with two kids...what are you going to do with three??? ;) Good luck, girl! I can't wait to see pictures of your new little princess!