Friday, September 12, 2008

Kylie's Drawing

Kylie loves to draw and write and color, she's really very creative... and apparently more perceptive than I realized. She drew this for me yesterday, no help, all on her own. I loved it, notice my belly! She goes, "It's Kadyn, I drew Kadyn!!!"

On the back she drew Daddy and Kacey... it's hard to tell, but you can see her detail work with Kacey's eyelashes :)

Some pictures from this morning... this is when I told Kacey we were going to Daddy's work to meet him for lunch.

Kacey's turning to the side to show off her pretty barrettes. You might think yeah right, she's just not looking at the camera... but no, barrettes are very important in our house! If we start downstairs and I haven't "done her hair" yet, she'll stop... "no no Mommy, my barrettes!" And she'll run to her and Kylie's bathroom and stand on her step stool. She's also picky with the shoes she wears, we go through 3 pairs until she decides on some.

Playing outside when we came home... love this cooler (upper 80's) weather!


Missy said...

Super cute! I love how she's showing off the barrettes! I just keep hoping you're in labor! Paint a room, that's what I did when I went into labor with Chloe!

dadTB said...

We have a buddy artist in the family. I especially like the smiling faces on everyone. Good job, Kacey!

Cute pics on the stairway. I can't say that any of our three sons were as particular in their selection of clothing as Kacey is. Although our oldest did get voted 'Best Dress' among his senior class in high school... you should see his messy room! Go figure.

We are getting much needed rain today. Our yards have looked more like dry brown straw beds rather than the rich and lush green grass we should be having.

Our pool's closing is on September 26th! Cooler weather will soon be upon us. In fact, it's been in the 70's this week. Upper 80's sounds good right about now... :-)

Only a few days to go... You are in our prayers each and every day.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Nicole said...

That is so cute! I was thinking when I checked out your blog you were going to have a new little baby (I know you probably don't want to hear that) but just a little longer.

Mikki said...

So cute. I love her drawings.
You have a lot of patience to deal with shoe decision making. I get so impatient at stuff like that. :o)