Sunday, August 3, 2008


Morning pictures were rough this morning... people blinking, heads in the wrong direction, who wants to sit by who... this was the best we could do. I know all are shocked, my girls aren't in matching outfits!!! Sometimes I've gotta do it to showcase all our pretty dresses. Kacey's dress was actually one of my faves back when it was Kylie's, it crisscrosses in the back, oh I love it! And well Kylie's dress, is adorable, and she and I matched in brown today. Her dress was a fun clearance find... like under $3 at Kohls clearance last season! Love that!!! She looks so thrilled here. She was a little upset this morning- we couldn't find her pink scripture bag. We searched the house, luckily her Sunbeam teacher had it from last week. (Totally Matthew's fault, Kacey and I left early last week- Nursery issues- and Matthew forgot to make sure Kylie had it when he picked her up from Sunbeams)


So, this afternoon during Kacey's nap... and while Daddy was on visits... Kylie and I worked on Daddy's birthday cake for tomorrow. I used to buy one, but I've found it's a little more special when I make it and I have a few little secrets (from my mom, the expert cake maker/decorator for YEARS!)that make homemade cakes exceptionally good. As you can see, I'm not the only one who thinks it's exceptionally good... this is what I found after letting it cool for 30 minutes. Somebody's got sneaky little fingers and apparently one bite wasn't enough.

PS- Kylie can't wait until tomorrow for Daddy's birthday... she's already taken out the Tinkerbell party hats! I know he's going to be thrilled for that ;)


Mikki said...

Such cute dresses. They look good whether they're matching or not. Can't wait to see pictures with the tinkerbell party hats!!

The Foulgers said...

That is so awesome you make your own cakes, I'm not that talented! I can't wait to see the finished product! I LOVE that Kylie sneaked pieces off the cake. It reminds me of my wedding day. My niece was about Kylie's age and she kept going and sneaking swipes of frosting off the cake! So cute, they just can't help when there is something yummy in front of them!

Missy said...

I love how great your fam pics turn out. Check our out...
I now know why Sheri said you had hoped Darren was in the nursery yesterday!
Oh and you are getting so close, you look great too!

Mikki said...

You're "officially" entered in my give-away. good luck!!