Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today he's the big 3 - 1 !!! Lucky him awoke to us 3 (in our grand voices) singing Happy Birthday! But he had to get up and get ready for work. Good thing Kylie was around to tell him what to wear this morning (how does he survive without her)... her choice today was a pink dress shirt! He was planning on leaving work at 11 am to come home and partay... but he didn't escape until 1:30. As you can see, we had birthday cake and played in the pool.
Gotta say, Matthew's tan is looking great!!! Usually out of the 4 of us, he burns... very painfully I might add. But it looks like there's some Italian skin under there afterall!!! :) Right after we sang, Kacey's goes, "I want some cake... want some cake... cake!!!" As if letting us know that she's here and she's gonna get some.
As for the "big gift," that Kylie did manage to keep secret. It's a Disneyland getaway for later this month for him and Kylie, complete with hotel reservation and Disney gift card. I figure without Kacey and me slowing them down, they'll have a fabulous time and get on all the rides quite a few times! (This is a big thing on my part-- I'm a little nervous, I've never spent a night away from Kylie... well one night, when I was in the hospital giving birth to Kacey. Nor do I do vacations, or anything for that matter, without my girls. It's just my thing, I worry too much and I just can't handle it. Matthew's been begging me to leave the girls with my folks so WE can take a small CA-type vacation. Now he's down-played it with us just doing a "Vegas Vacation," just staying in town and getting a nice hotel, seeing some shows, eating at all the great places. But I refuse, I'm just not strong enough and everything would remind me of the girls, I'd cry the whole time and would be miserable and would have to come home early-- it would just be a waste. So this trip with them leaving is a BIG step for me, and I know Matthew's still shocked I'm going through with it. -- hopefully I don't chicken out last minute and Kacey and I drag ourselves along, but it is still an option-- I know Kylie will be fine without me, she won't even miss me... but I'll be in tears that whole night for sure missing my baby... I'm sure you'll read a blog post about it later)

Back to birthday boy, I feel so bad for him... it's his birthday and he can't get a moment's peace. His phone was ringing non-stop this afternoon and then he spent over an hour on his work intranet doing emails... and now he's sitting in a (very hard- and I enjoy math) statistics class for 4 hours... Happy Birthday Dear! Love you :)


So the girls are in bed, I'm all alone, there's nothing good on tv (is there ever?!!), I don't even teach the Sunday school lesson this Sunday... and my Breaking Dawn book doesn't get here until tomorrow! Grrrrrrrrrr.


Mikki said...

aaaww! The cake came out really cute.
wow, some birthday gift. A big sacrifice on your part. I can totally understand your feelings. It's hard. If you end up going, you could still stay with Kacey around the hotel, then daddy and Kylie can still do disneyland together. Either way, I think it'd work out.
Sorry the evenings such a bust! :o(

Mikki said...

ps I think I forgot to say how cute the cake came out. Homemade are always the best. I did store bought for the boys' b-day last week, but the frosting was too thick, super sweet. A home-made chocolate would have been much better. Next time.

The High Family- said...

You are so good about making birthdays special for everyone in your family. What a fun gift for Matt and Kylie. They will have a great time. Oh ya, I am more than half way through Breaking Dawn and love it( Yes, I did wake up at 3:45a.m. to buy the book. I mean seriously I was awake anyway with Carter so no big deal). I am saving the rest for Thursday while Carter is in surgery to keep me preoccupied. Anyway, love the looks yummy!

Missy said...

What a nice cake! Too bad he couldn't be home tonight. Glad you're enjoying the pool.
That trip sounds like so much fun! Darren's been talking about a boys trip to Disneyland. I should send him and Riley with Matt and Kylie. Who am I kidding, I'd be too jealous!

thepainterfamily said...

That is the sweetest birthday present idea ever! I bet Kylie was SO excited to tell her dad! I can't believe she was able to keep her secret! WOW!

The Foulgers said...

Yay! I'm glad that you are letting just the two of them go! They will have a blast! This is something they both will have great memories of! My boys still talk about when they just got to go with Jason! BTW the birthday cake looks great!

dadTB said...

Cool Birthday!

Matt looks so happy.

Sounds like the dad and Kylie will have a great time on all the rides at DL. I know how much Matt loves roller coasters and the like. This is what family memories are built on. Great gift... Enjoy!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Nicole said...

The birthday cake looks so good, you did awesome. And your pool looks so nice I bet you guys are loving it.

Jill said...

Happy B-day! What a great idea for a present!

Sheri said...

I think it is a great idea for dad and Kylie to go to DL. It will be something they will never forget. Be strong girl!

Adam and Samantha said...

very brave of you matt to take a pic with your shirt off and put it on the internet...sesy

Amy said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday Matty! I always think of you b/c it's Jack's birthday too! I hope you had a fantastic day!