Saturday, August 9, 2008

We're still alive...

I know it's been longer than usual for my posting, I can explain in 2 words: Breaking Dawn. My book came Tuesday and I tried my hardest to "drag it out" and savor it longer... but 2 days and 750 pages later :) LOVED IT!!!
Highlights from this week, include a recent conversation between Matthew and Kylie:
Matthew: "Kylie, you want Mommy and Kacey to come with us to Disneyland?"
Kylie (with enough conviction to cause temporary hearing loss): "NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Matthew: "Okay, well..."
Me: "Matthew enjoy this moment, there will be times down the road when she'll be trying to get rid of you... not trying to keep you all to herself. Enjoy it now while it lasts."
Matthew: "Kylie, what do you do when we go into the boy's potty?"
Kylie (with accompanying hand motions): "We cover our eyes."
It was cute to watch. Kylie has a really hard time going into the boy's potty. She's a girl, and she knows the difference between the restrooms. He's tried to rush her in really fast so that I always don't have to do it, but as soon as she notices, she wants no part of it and runs right out. (we raise strong women in this house, and when their mind is set on something... there's nothing you can do!) So I've been working with her, the only way she can go to Disneyland is to go in the boy's potty in Disneyland with Daddy. So she's getting okay with it.
BUT, I think he's getting nervous... :) He keeps asking me if I'm sure I don't want to go... not like he's concerned about me, but more that he's concerned about him handling all the things you do with a girl... or maybe just "our girl." Obviously, Kylie will go on every ride 15 times, Tower of Terror here she comes, and she'll be a trooper from sun up to sun down. I reminded him that unlike Edward :) hehe, she has to eat so feed her regularly to avoid major meltdowns. (somewhere attached to the X chromosome on my side is a mutation that causes us to become terribly cranky when we don't eat). On top of that, she has some sweet little quirks... to say the least. Kylie likes baby powder on her chest before bed as well as milk every evening, her toes freshly painted every morning, she'll tell you how she wants her hair to be done- and if it's not good enough, you have to do it again... he'll be in that boat for sure and I won't be there to bail him out ;) Should be exciting! :)


Mikki said...

so cute!! this will be very interesting for daddy.

dadTB said...

Boy-o-Boy, sounds like some real exciting daddy/daughter moments ahead. :-)

You are such a lucky man, Matt, to have little girls rushing about you each and every day. Just think, some day you will be walking them down the aisle and you will be so proud. But let's not rush that far ahead, for you now have DL coming up and that will certainly be a test in itself of your true daddy-love.

Remember, what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger people. DL with Kylie will not kill you and you will be stronger come September, 2008!

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Missy said...

How funny! I've got that mutation with no food also. Our kids have inherited it too.
I've not that about him having to do her hair. Darren would never be able to do it. He says his hand are too big!
Did you tell him he has to take pics too? We want to see how it went.
Missed seeing you and Kacey today, are you OK?

Nicole said...

It will be a fun little trip that they will both always remember. I REALLY liked Breaking Dawn as well, I think she wrapped it really good.

The Foulgers said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear about this trip! I forgot about the bathroom and hair thing! Jason would die, lucky for him all he needs is a spray bottle and gel! I hope Kylie is alright if her hair doesn't look perfect!:)

thepainterfamily said...

cute! they are going to have such a great time together! maybe disney has "family" bathrooms!? I don't know, I have seen those popping up around lately, in malls, and some target stores. We can hope right? also love the new blog look, awesome!

Jill said...

Breaking Dawn is a great excuse!