Saturday, May 17, 2008

Primary Carnival

This morning the Primary put on a wonderful carnival for the kids! Kylie had so much fun playing games, and Kacey even got to participate a little too. After the games, they had hot dogs, chips and juice for everyone. Hats off to everyone who helped with it, it was so much fun!!!

Goofball smile again...

YES! Knocked them all down! She's even good lefty, she gets her athletic talents from me (yeah right!) Daddy and Kacey don't need games to have fun. He puts her on his shoulders and leans back a little and she holds on as tight as she can :) ...(PS- we go back to the dr Monday, hopefully the cast will come off)Any messages????They were doing ring-around-the-rosies waiting for lunch to be ready.
The older kids even let Kacey join in, she was thrilled.

Kylie standing in the back of a long line... let me tell you what happened. See that little boy in green, Brian Hulet (preschool teacher's oldest son). She was in the back of the line, he went over and got her and let her cut in front of him. He is the sweetest, I told Tate I want to take him home. He always makes a point to say hi to her. He puts his arms on Kylie's shoulders, hugs her- just genuinely a sweet, caring little fellow. He's almost 7 which works out perfect. He can go on his mission, then come home and they can get married. I've got it all planned out, one less thing for me to have to worry about :)

***************PS~ Hunter has a home!

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Mikki said...

Looks like it was fun. I had sick babies at home, so the girls stayed home to help daddy out, while I went to work. :o( (poor kids)
Brian is such a sweet boy. He always gives hugs whenever we see him!