Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Field Trip to Albertsons

Kylie's Preschool went on a field trip to the Albertson's Grocery Store. The past few days, Kylie had told me that she didn't want me to go with on the field trip, so with her independence greatly stabbing my heart I sucked it up and wasn't planning on going. Gotta say, I didn't think it was going to be all that thrilling... it's a grocery store. This morning, Kylie was all about me coming with. So I was excited to be "needed" again and figured I'd tag along. Honestly, this field stop was so much fun!!!!!
Our guide, Buddy, was the sweetest old man who was excited and energetic... and he really made it fun for everyone (oh and there were free samples!) We toured all around, went in the back in the freezer, the kids got to touch a live lobster, and at the end they came home with a huge bag of goodies. Buddy just took products off the shelf and opened them up for the kids to have. Super fun, Kylie's nearly fallen asleep twice today but I keep waking her up. Matthew's got class tonight and I'd sooner have her fall asleep early so I can have a little R&R , or B&J -Ben and Jerry's.

Buddy asked, "who likes apples?" So they all raised their little hands. He also asked, who likes broccoli? And Kylie goes, "Me me, I like broccoli!" I'm like, who are you, no you don't!

She even got to decorate her own cupcake.This was them all looking at and getting to touch the live lobster.

Goofball smile

(Just because I know I'll get a few comments asking, to clarify that's not my prego belly on the left... I won't call her out (Missy Mecham) but she's the only other prego Mommy---that we know of--- from our Preschool class)


thepainterfamily said...

This is so fun. We went on a field trip to a grocery once too! you're right...doesn't sound too thrilling, but they really do a nice job getting the kids involved! fun day!

Mikki said...

We went last year in Haley's preschool class to Albertsons also. they really do right by the kiddies I think.
I hope you get that b&j time tonight. :o)

Missy said...

Ok, you so could have edited that big ol' belly out of there!! I was afraid I may end up on someone's film!!
It was a fun morning. I'm glad we both got to go.

dadTB said...

Hey! How old is old?? :-)

That looked like a fun filled field trip for all the pre-schoolers. Touching a live lobster is like the coolest thing that a four year old could ever do!

The only way Matt has ever touched a lobster has been with a two pronged fork and a little drawn butter. LOL! (I couldn't help it, my "Favorite Nephew").

Cute pictures of "The Gang and The Grocer." You should make a neat children's book of all their little pre-school adventures.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Annjilla said...

What a blast!!! I know Whole Foods does that too! And their food is super great!

Sheri said...

That field trip was very fun, I was pretty amazed at all the junk they were givin. I wish grocery shopping was as fun for me.

jenjamin said...

Nothing like a field trip to the store as if the kids last memory of them kicking and screaming as we dragged them out the door wasn't fun enough..... Oh well look fun anyway.